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DMPonline customisations or how you can change from the orange to your institutional colours, customise URL and your pages content

Magdalena Drafiova, Sam Rust | 19 November 2020

DMPonline subscription grants the subscribed institution access to the administrative interface. This means that thanks to your subscription you can:

  •  create your own template,

  • customise the funder template,

  • add the specific guidance which you want your researchers to use,

  • get insight into how your researchers engage with DMPs,

  • access the API,

  • provide feedback on plans,

  • and much more

We offer two types of subscription for DMPonline: basic and enhanced. Although with both subscriptions you receive the access to the points mentioned above, it is the enhanced subscription that can differentiate the page for your researchers and make it to look and feel like your institutional pages. So in a case that orange does not happen to be your institutional colour you can change the colours if you subscribed for the enhanced model.

What does this mean in practice?

Well, in practice this means that when you subscribe to the enhanced package, we do further work with you. You can start using DMPonline right away to create templates, provide your researchers with guidance, and provide feedback on DMPs but we will also start configuring a demo site with your desired look and feel. We have introduced new processes to help us scale which my colleague Patricia explains in her most recent blog post here and will go into details for customisation here. 

Customising the pages

There are two main things we will need to do when setting up your pages. Firstly, we will start setting up your URL (this can be the most lengthy process, so consider starting right away) and secondly we will work with you on specifying your pages’ branding. This is an iterative process with a few steps, so we will explain each below.

Screenshot 2020-11-19 at 14.54.29.png

1.     Start with setting up URL


Setting up your desired URL (your homepage) takes most of the time, so it is one of the aspects we recommend starting with. When you begin your subscription, you can start using the main DMPonline URL, , straight away. With the enhanced subscription you will be able to define this to be more specific for your institution e.g.

Certificates need to be created to authenticate the site to users’ browsers. This will involve work both by your technical teams and ours. We will communicate all the details with you via emails. The most common option among our subscribers is to define a URL within their own domain, such as The other method is where we provide <>.   In order to do this, technical staff at your institution will need to do a straightforward piece of work to create and redirect your specified URL. Whatever method you choose, once this is in place, we will be able to add you to our SSL certificate, however this is where things can go slower as we are reliant on a central university tea to put this certificate in place.  

2. Communicate with your colleagues the branding colours, static pages texts and other requirements for your ideal DMPonline pages


This part can take some time as you will need to plan your desired pages within your team prior communicating these requirements back to us. At the beginning of your enhanced subscription we will provide you with an straight forward online form. Once you have agreed all the details within your institutions, you can fill it, and will include various questions including for example:

  • Specify colour changes required for your DMPonline pages (primary and secondary colours) in hex colour format

  • Upload the logo in specific format and size

  • Upload your favicon (graphic image associated with your institution that appears in the tab)

  • Customise the texts on the static page

3. Our software developers will put together demo site for you to review

Once we receive your branding requests, we will organise internally when we can start working on your customisation with our team of software developers and provide you with a preliminary timeline. Our software developers will then put together a demo site ready for you to review so you can preview what this will look like once deployed to the live site. If there are still any further changes you will need to your pages this will be the right time for us to alter or add to your initial preferences.

4. Going live!

Once we have the certificates in place and you were happy with the branding we will communicate with you proposed dates when we will be able to launch your website to go live. Once you agree with us on the proposed date we will go live and your customised pages will be ready for your users!

If you are interested in enhanced subscription or wish to swap your basic subscription get in touch with us on  Feel free to contact us at the details below:  

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