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DMPonline - information about phasing out for non subscribers and comparison of subscription models

Information for DMPonline administrators about phasing out for non subscribers, and comparison of DMPonline subscription models. 

Magdalena Drafiova | 19 March 2019

Dear DMPonline Administrators,

In October 2018, we announced that DMPonline is going to charge its administrative users. We have now formalised the phasing out DMPonline for non-subscribers, which will begin in April 2019. For organisations that do not intend to subscribe to the new service, we will progressively withdraw administrative access features over the coming months. The phase-out will affect institutions and their administrators, but not the individual researchers who use the general DMPonline service. I have already contacted all current UK administrators to explain this, but I wanted to describe the process to you as well.

The timeline will be as follows:

  • In April 2019, we will remove your administrators’ rights to edit the guidance for your institution.
  • In May 2019 you will no longer be able to create your own templates or customise funder templates.
  • In June 2019 you will not be able to edit your profile further by adding logos or links. It will no longer be possible for your institution’s users to request feedback on DMPs.
  • From July 2019 you, as an administrator of your organisation, will have no further access to your usage dashboard.
  • Finally, in August 2019, all administrator access for non-subscribers will cease and your institution specific content that you originally added as an administrator will be unpublished. This content will remain available should you wish to subscibe at a later date.


If your institution does wish to subscribe, we are currently offering a founder member subscription (if you apply before the end of July 2019), that represents a significant saving on the rate that will apply during the new financial year and thereafter. If you wish to subscribe from August 2019, you will be on a normal inflationary rate. Institutions signing up at the founder member rate will always be one step-behind the market price for DMPonline.

We are offering two main subscription models: basic and enhanced. The core administrator functionality of both enables you to: 

  • add your own template
  • provide institutional/disciplinary guidance
  • customise funder templates
  • review and download usage statistics
  • create basic branding (logo and links)
  • nominate access by two administrators
  • receive 15 hours of support.
With the enhanced model, you also get a customised URL (so DMPonline looks like your university webpage and is accessible under your domain), API and customisation support, two free places for DMPonline training, and access for up to five administrators.


Last but not least, please note that DMPonline remains free for researchers to develop, share, publish and maintain data management plans, irrespective of whether their institution or funder has a subscription. However, if their institution does not subscribe, researchers and users will not have an access to their institution’s customised template and guidance as these will be unpublished in August 2019.

I am always very keen to hear from you, so please feel free to get in touch with me at or on Twitter @mdDCC1.

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