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DMPonline staff updates. 

Magdalena Drafiova | 31 July 2019

Dear all, 

I cannot believe that it is almost seven months since I have joined DCC and since our last wee update on our staff changes. I am taking this opportunity to let you know about some exciting staff changes within DMPonline (and we have more exciting staff changes updates within DCC, which we will be posting about too). 

At the end of July we will sadly be saying farewell to our EDINA team. We would like to say a massive thank you to John Pinto, Colin Gormley and Raymund Carrick for their work. We are currently looking for a new full time software developer to help Sam to work on DMPonline, ensuring that we can work on interface development and continuously improve the DMPonline tool for our users. The deadline for applications is Friday 2nd August 2019 - to apply, please go to the following page: and look for reference number 048494.

In the meantime, we have been joined by Killian Dunne, a fourth year student of Mathematics at The University of Edinburgh, who is doing a summer internship with us. Killian is working on the conditional questions so you can tailor what users are asked and set alerts and triggers. We will keep you up to date with his progress in the coming weeks. 

Stephanie Simms, who was a counterpart of Sarah Jones with partners UC3 at the California Digital Library, left just before Christmas and has been replaced by Maria Praetzellis. Maria was previously at the Internet Archive before joining UC3, and started at the beginning of July. 

Sarah is currently doing couple of months placement in Australia, working mainly for European Open Science Cloud to gauge things in an Australian context. Sarah will continue to contribute to DCC projects from there a few days a week, at the same time looking to see how can we further collaborate with the Australian Research Data Commons - ARDC, a parallel organisation to the DCC down under. 

We are very excited that our team is growing, and we will be able to make DMPonline even better for you. We are currently working on DMPonline tutorial videos for administrators, developing new promo materials for subscribed institutions and for potential customers, and run our next user group on the 17th September in London. If you wish to find out more about our user group or to register, get in touch with us. 

Last but not least - as always, we are keen to hear from you about how you use the tool and how we can improve it, so please feel free to email our Customer Development Manager Magalena at, the rest of the team at, or contact us on Twitter @mdDCC1, @DMPonline, Facebook and LinkedIn. To keep up with DMPonline news, you can subscribe to the RSS feed to receive our blogs and tweets, and watch GitHub for code updates. You can also discuss any of our new features on the user group mailing list.

Looking forward to see you soon on our user group,