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Secondary data usage: transitioning from ‘second class’ to ‘sexy’?

Alex Ball of the DCC presents in San Francisco and Birmingham on the pilot Research Data Registry project, and writes for LSE's 'The Impact Blog' on the Jisc research data registry pilot project and how secondary data reuse is transitioning 'from 'second class' to &...

Laura Molloy | 18 March 2014

Alex Ball of the DCC has recently been promoting the work of the Jisc Research Data Registry Pilot project on both sides of the Atlantic.  Last month, he presented on behalf of the research data registry pilot team at the International Digital Curation Conference in San Francisco (on Wed 26 Feb 2014) and led a lively discussion.  Thanks to all who attended and asked difficult (and good!) questions.  And yes, we'll be calling it a Discovery Service in the future!  Alex's slides from IDCC are available here

Back in the UK, Alex then appeared as an Expert Speaker at the recent Jisc Digital Festival (on Tue 11 March 2014).  Slides are here.  As a result, he was asked to write for LSE's 'The Impact Blog' on the importance of secondary data reuse and how the Jisc research data registry pilot project aims to develop into a service which will support researchers and others in finding and reusing relevant data, and also possibly in tracking that reuse. This is all part of a larger shift where, as Alex puts it succinctly, we're seeing secondary data reuse transitioning 'from "second class" to "sexy"'.  You can read the full blogpost on the LSE blog here

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