Because good research needs good data


Your organisation’s data is one of its most valuable assets. The DCC offers a range of services to assist organisations create data management policies, procedures, and processes to ensure data remains accurate, secure, accessible, and usable. 

Our Expertise

Our team will work with your staff to equip your organisation to take future steps in data and information management. Our staff have over ninety years’ collective experience in the areas of information management, data management and digital curation. Our staff draw on range of different backgrounds, crossing sectors and disciplines e.g., social, life, information sciences and humanities and advise organisations on issues such as: data management, data curation and analysis, data protection and ethics, development and evaluation of data management services, digital archiving and preservation. The roots of the DCC are grounded in research data management (RDM) but we also work with a variety of different organisations to set up processes for managing different types data and digital materials.

Selected Past Projects

Below you can find information about some of our recent past projects to better understand the breadth of work we do and the different clients we work for.

Our services

Below are examples of the services we provide.  In addition, we also provide bespoke advice on all aspects of data management so if you don’t see the service you require below don’t hesitate to contact us and outline your needs. Due to the variety of organisations we work with, we respond to unique client requirements on a daily basis and are happy to help.

Advocacy and Awareness raising
Raising awareness of Data Management is crucial and may be needed at different levels within an organisation. Whether you need to raise the awareness of senior management or your research staff, we can assist you with developing materials tailor-made for each intended audience. We organise and run events to highlight the benefits of managing and sharing research data according to accepted sectoral best practice standards. We can also assist you to develop promotional materials to boost the profile of your organisation’s support and services in this respect.
Data Discovery and Re-use
Data is valuable, so it pays to know what data you hold, where it is located and what is archived elsewhere. We can assist you with this through developing a strategy for your data cataloguing/asset registry. We will assist you to define what metadata to create, which standards to use, and how the metadata catalogue might integrate with existing systems. We also provide guidance on data citation and licensing and can help you to develop and implement organisational strategies for these.
Data Policy and Strategy
This service includes our team helping your organisation to develop your data management and digital curation policy by taking the lead in capturing requirements and, either drafting the text, or simply reviewing your text at regular stages.  We understand that there is no one one-size-fits-all policy approach for managing the data created, processed or held there, so we offer tailor-made assistance with these tasks. You may also wish to bring us in to lead a certain task, define your strategy and or build us in to implementation plans.
Data Management Plans
Using data management plans (DMPs) across your projects is an organised way to record and plan your staff data management intentions and needs.  We have assisted organisations with developing their own DMP template, organised training workshops for researchers and support staff on how to write and evaluate a DMP.  We also run DMPonline, which is an online platform for organisations and researchers to write, manage, share and collaborate on DMPs.
Data Management Services Development and Evaluation
The DCC has longstanding experience in advising organisations such as universities on how to support their research staff in managing their data according to best practice and funder needs. Our experience in this respect, is built upon our very successful Institutional Engagements Programmes where we worked with 21 universities to provide tailored support and services.
Data Protection and Ethics
We have staff that can advise on how to ensure data compliance is met in your organisation and on data protection obligations. Related services pertain to data ethics which are imperative in today’s data driven industries, especially when dealing with sensitive data.

Should you require the expertise of the DCC to help you realise the value of data for your organisation’s mission, please contact us and we can put together a consultancy package to suit your organisation’s needs. We look forward to hearing from you.