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Wednesday 2 December

Pre-Conference Workshops
10.30 - 16.00

Disciplinary Dimensions of Digital Curation: New Perspectives on Research DataVenue: Millennium Gloucester Hotel & Conference Centre London Kensington(£60.00 for Associates Network members; £80.00 for non-members)

Our SCARP Project case studies have explored data curation practice across a variety of clinical, life, social, humanities, physical and engineering research communities. This workshop will look at selected examples, considering the lifecycle of different data assemblages, and the risks and benefits encountered in curating them with the aim of stimulating discussion on the practical steps needed to manage this lifecycle and to translate approaches across communities.

09.00 - 16.00

Digital Curation 101 Lite TrainingVenue: Millennium Gloucester Hotel & Conference Centre London Kensington (£75.00 for Associates Network members; £100.00 for non-members)

Research councils and funding bodies are increasingly requiring evidence of adequate and appropriate provisions for data management and curation in new grant funding applications. This one-day training workshop is aimed at researchers and those who support researchers and want to learn more about how to develop sound data management and curation plans. The workshop will provide an introduction to digital curation, the range of activities and roles that should be considered when planning and implementing new projects, and an overview of tools that can assist with curation activities.

Learning objectives:

  • explore how digital curation can support and safeguard your research
  • explore the digital curation lifecycle
  • identify the processes and activities involved in good practice for research data management
  • be aware of the free services and tools available
08.30 - 12.30

Citability of Research DataVenue: Millennium Gloucester Hotel & Conference Centre London Kensington (£45.00 for Associates Network members; £60.00 for non-members)

Goal: Handling research datasets as unique, independent, citable research objects offers a wide variety of opportunities.

The German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB), the British Library, the Library of the ETH Zurich, the French Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (INIST), the Technical Information Center of Denmark and the Dutch TU Delft Library all signed a Memorandum of Understanding during the meeting of the International Council for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI) in Paris on 2 March 2009. The goal of this cooperation is to establish a not-for-profit agency that enables organisations to register research datasets and assign persistent identifiers to them.

Citable datasets are accessible and can be integrated into existing catalogues and infrastructures. A citable datasets furthermore rewards scientists for their extra-work in storage and quality control of data by granting scientific reputation through cite-counts. The workshop will examine the different methods for the enabling of citable datasets and discuss common best practices and challenges for the future.

Audience: librarians, data professionals, data centres, publishers, researchers

Background material:

  • T. Green (2009). "We Need Publishing Standards for Datasets and Data Tables" OECD Publishing White Paper, OECD Publishing. doi: 10.1787/603233448430
  • J. Brase (2009). "European Initiative to Facilitate Access to Research" Data D-Lib Magazine, Volume 15, No. 5/6 ISSN 1082-9873 doi:10.1045/may2009-inbrief
  • J. Brase, A. Farquhar, A. Gastl, H. Gruttemeier, M. Heijne, A. Heller, et al.(2009). "An approach for a joint global registration agency for research data Information Services & Use" (accepted for publication) ISSN 0167-5265 doi:10.3233/ISU-2009-0595
14.00 - 16.30

Repository Preservation Infrastructure (REPRISE)(co-organised by the OGF Repositories Group, OGF-Europe, D-Grid/WissGrid)Venue: Millennium Gloucester Hotel & Conference Centre London Kensington (£45.00 for Associates Network members; £60.00 for non-members)

Following on from the successful Repository Curation Service Environments (RECURSE) Workshop at IDCC 2008, this workshop discusses digital repositories and their specific requirements for/as preservation infrastructure, as well as their role within a preservation environment.

Digital repositories in various shapes and sizes are the basis for management and long-term retention of data (e.g. text publications, research data, multimedia). Some repositories have existed over a number of years, and have had to adapt to changes in their organisational and technological contexts. For example, organisational changes or cooperation across repositories may demand the translation of meta/data between the diverse contexts. Their experiences give insight into the kind of pro-active flexibility needed to sustain the repository and adapt to changes. This workshop aims to tap into these experiences and discuss technical features and shared services (beyond format registries, for example) for an open repository environment.

Contributors include:

  • Andreas Aschenbrenner, SUB Goettingen, WissGrid - Curation Infrastructure for Research Data
  • Ross King, Austrian Institute of Technology - The Planets Interoperability Framework
  • John Kunze, California Digital Library - Preservation is not a Place
  • Paolo Missier, University of Manchester - Provenance in distributed environments to establish trust
  • Andy Powell, Eduserv - Open and Social Information Environments
  • Andrew Treloar, Australian National Data Service - The Australian National Data Service and loosely-coupled verb-based architectures
  • Discussion points: open repository environment, preservation infrastructure, interoperability of repository services, (automatic) meta/data creation and mediation.


    Managing and sharing research data: focus on consent, confidentiality and disclosure Venue: LSE Rosebery Hall, London Cost: £65

    The UK Data Archive is holding a workshop on managing and sharing research data. Guidance is based on advice and support provided to ESRC award holders as part of their contractual obligations to share data, and on data management planning as implemented by the cross-Research Council Rural Economy and Land Use (RELU) Programme. This workshop will cover key issues on data management and sharing as applied to socio-economic research involving people as participants (interviews, questionnaires, focus groups, observation and so on). It will provide both theoretical information and practical exercises and discussions

    Further information and booking

    Evening Event

    Pre-Conference Drinks Reception - Natural History Museum [external]Introduction: Lee Dirks, Microsoft ResearchWelcome: Dr. Michael Dixon, Director of the NHM


    Thursday 3 December

    Day 1 Moving to Multi-Scale Science: Managing Complexity and Diversity  

    Conference Registration

    Cromwell Suite 5

    WelcomeChris Rusbridge, DCC Director

    Cromwell Suite

    Keynote AddressProf. Douglas Kell, Chief Executive of Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) Download presentation [PPT, 2MB]Chair: Chris Rusbridge

    Cromwell Suite

    US Perspectives Chair: Neil Grindley Programme Manager- Digital Preservation & Records Management, JISC

    Cromwell Suite
    09.45-10.15 The Data Conservancy: A Digital Resource & Curation Virtual Organisation -Prof. Carole Palmer, Director of Center for Informatics Research in Science & Scholarship, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Download presentation [PPT, 6.8MB]  
    10.15-10.45 DataONE: a Virtual Data Center for Biology, Ecology, and the Environmental SciencesDr. William Michener, University Libraries System, University of New Mexico  
    10.45-11.15 Coffee Conservatory
      UK Perspectives Chair: Arthur Pasquinelli, Sun Microsystems Inc Cromwell Suite
    11.15-11.45 NeuroHub: The information environment for the neuroscientistProf. Anne Trefethen, Director of the Oxford eResearch Centre, University of OxfordDownload presentation [PPT, 12.2MB]  

    National e-Infrastructure for Social Simulation (NeISS)Mark Birkin, University of Leeds Download presentation [PPT, 21.4MB]

    12.15-12.45 Panel DiscussionUS/UK Perspectives Chair: Arthur Pasquinelli, Sun Microsystems Inc Cromwell Suite
    12.45-13.45 Lunch Conservatory
      Interactive Afternoon  

    Minute Madness Download presentation [PPT, 10MB]Poster session Chair: Chris Rusbridge

    Cromwell Suite

    Community SpacePosters, informal meetings, schedule of demos, curation clinics, etc

  • Demonstration Schedule [PDF, 203KB]
  • Conservatory/Cromwell Suite

    DCC SymposiumCitizen Science: Data ChallengesIntroduction/Chair: Dr Liz Lyon, Associate Director, DCCPresentation: Richard Cable, BBC Lab UK Discussion

    Cromwell Suite

    Summing -upCliff Lynch, Executive Director, Coalition for Networked Information Chair: Dr Liz Lyon

    Cromwell Suite

    Champagne Cocktails(Sponsored JISC Data Management Programme)

    Conference Buffet DinnerDress Code - Smart



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    Friday 4 December

    Day 2 Research Papers  
    08.30-09.00 Coffee Cromwell Suite 5
    09.00-09.05 Welcome: Chris Rusbridge Cromwell Suite

    Best Peer-Reviewed Paper

    Chair: Clifford Lynch, Executive Director, Coalition for Networked Information"Multi-Scale Data Sharing in the Life Sciences- Some lessons for Policy Makers" - Graham Pryor, University of Edinburgh Download presentation [PPT, 2.6MB]

    Cromwell Suite

    Keynote AddressProfessor Ed Seidel, Associate Director, Directorate of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, National Science FoundationChair: Clifford Lynch, Executive Director, Coalition for Networked Information

    Cromwell Suite
    10.15-10.45 Coffee Conservatory

    Session 1 Parallel ATheme: Practitioner Experience Chair: Mark Thorley, Natural Environmenl Research Council (NERC) "Chronopolis Digital Preservation Network"David Minor University of California, San Diego Download presentation [PPT, 35.5MB]

    "Designing for Discovery and Re-Use: the "ANDS Data Sharing Verbs"Approach to Service Decomposition"Dr Andrew Treloar, Australian Data Service Download presentation [PPT, 3.9MB]

    "Curating the CIA World Factbook"Heiko Muller, University of Edinburgh Download presentation [PPT, 34.8MB]

    Cromwell Suite

    Session 1 Parallel BTheme: Software, Preservation & Managing Risk

    Chair: Dr Helen Tibbo, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    "A Framework for Software Preservation"Brian Matthews, Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Download presentation [PPT, 1.4MB]

    "Designing digital preservation solutions: a Risk management based approach"Jose Barateiro, INESC-ID Download presentation [PPT, 3MB]

    "Assisted Emulation for Legacy Executables"Kam Woods & Geoffrey Brown, Indiana University Download presentation [PPT, 3.4MB]

    Kensington Suite

    Session 2 Parallel A

    Theme: Meeting Institutional Challenges

    Chair: Kevin Ashley, University of London Computer Centre

    "Data Curation Program Development in US Universities: The Georgia Institute of Technology Example" Tyler Walters, Georgia Institute of Technology Download presentation [PPT, 1.4MB]

    "Constructing Data Profiles"Michael Witt, Purdue University Download presentation [PPT, 602KB]Download presentation extra [PDF, 84KB]

    Cromwell Suite

    Session 2 Parallel BTheme: Metadata

    Chair: Carl Lagoze, Cornell University

    "Using a Core Scientific Metadata Model in Large Scale Facilities", Brian Matthews, Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Download presentation [PPT, 3.9MB]

    "Grammar-Based Recognition of Documentary Forms and Extraction of Metadata"William Underwood, Georgia Tech Research Institute Download presentation [PPT, 493KB]

    Kensington Suite
    13.15-14.15 Lunch  

    Session 3 - (in Plenary)

    Theme: Disciplinary Challenges

    Chair: Max Wilkinson, Datasets Programme Manager, British Library

    "Understanding the information requirements of Arts & Humanities Scholarship" Dr. Agiatis Benardou, Digital Curation Unit,  Athena Research Centre Download presentation [PPT, 454 KB]

    "Long term preservation of earth observation data and knowledge through CASPAR"David Giaretta, Science & Technology Facilities Council & Sergio Albani, ESA-ESRIN Download presentation [PPT, 9.8MB]"Enabling product design reuse by long-term preservation of engineering knowledge" Jorg Brunsmann & Wolfgang Wilkes, Fernuniversitat Hagen Download presentation [PPT, 666KB]

    Cromwell Suite
    15.45-16.30 PlenaryChair: Chris RusbridgeKeynote Address: Timo Hannay - Publishing Director,, Nature Publishing Group Cromwell Suite
    16.30-16.45 Closing Remarks - Chris Rusbridge Cromwell Suite
    16.45 Tea Cromwell Suite 5