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DCC Roadshow Sheffield

Institutional Challenges in the Data Decade

01-03 March 2011 |

The DCC is organising a series of inter-linked UK workshops aimed at supporting institutional data management, planning and training. The events will run over 3 days and will provide institutions with advice and guidance tailored to a range of different roles and responsibilities. The workshops are free and can be booked individually.

The second DCC Roadshow is being organised in conjunction with the White Rose University Consortium and will be held on 1-3 March 2011 at the Halifax Conference Centre, Endcliffe Village, Endcliffe Vale Road, Sheffield S10 3ER. The Roadshow will be opened on day 1 by Martin Lewis, Director of Library Services and University Librarian at the University of Sheffield.

Delegates from regional institutions will be given priority. 


The Rutland and Kenwood hotels are both within walking distance of the conference centre, the Leopold and Novotel are in the city centre.

DAY 1 - Tuesday 1 March

The Research Data Landscape

Draft Programme


Researchers, data curators, and data centre managers, data scientists, digital repository managers, staff from library, information and research organisations, research funding organisations and research networks.

Objectives - Awareness raising

  • To provide a brief introduction to Digital Curation Centre (DCC) Roadshows
  • To describe the emerging trends and challenges associated with research data management and their potential impact on higher education institutions
  • To examine case studies at both disciplinary and institutional levels, highlighting different models, approaches and working practice
  • To explain the role of the DCC in supporting research data management
  • To provide an overview of the portfolio of DCC resources, tools and services. 
  • To facilitate networking and the exchange of skills and experience.

DAY 2 - Wednesday 2 March

The Research Data Challenge: Developing an Institutional Response

Draft Programme


A full day event comprising a mixture of presentations, group work exercises and discussion to allow time for networking and collaboration.


Senior managers, Research PVCs/Directors, Directors of Information Services, University Librarians, Heads of Computing Services, Heads of Research Support Services, digital repository managers, senior staff from library, information services, data librarians.

Objectives - Strategy/Policy implementation

  • To describe the emerging trends, disciplinary diversity and challenges associated with research data management and their potential impact on higher education institutions
  • To communicate the implications of compliance with research data and funder policy requirements
  • To identify issues of risk governance that determine the adoption of effective research data management strategies
  • To examine case studies, institutional evidence and resulting lessons learned
  • To provide an overview of the resources, tools and services available via the DCC that can inform planning and service delivery
  • To identify first steps in developing an institutional strategic plan for research data management support and service delivery
  • To facilitate regional networking and the exchange of skills and experience.

DAY 3 - Thursday 3 March

Digital Curation 101: Managing Research Data

Draft Programme

Data management support: making the most of limited resources, Joy Davidson, DCC

Introduction data management mandates and policies, Sarah Jones, DCC

Data Management Planning, Martin Donnelly, DCC

Selection and Appraisal, Joy Davidson, DCC

Data Licensing, Alex Ball, DCC


This workshop was aimed at researchers, research support and staff from central services such as IT, the library, digital repositories and the research office. The workshop explored data management requirements from the perspective of the institution and the main UK funding bodies, the different roles and responsibilities involved in effective data management and provided an introduction to data management planning.

Costs and Registration

Registration is free and delegates can choose to attend one, two or three workshops, according to roles and responsibilities.