Because good research needs good data

Day two papers

Research Track Papers

Practice Track Papers

  • Scientific Research Data Management for Soli-Vegetation-Atmosphere Data - The TR32DB
    Curdt Constanze, Hoffmeister Dirk, Jekel Christian, Waldhoff Guido, Bareth Goerg, Institute of Geography, University of Cologne
  • Inter-disciplinary Curation and Use of Language Data - Experiences from the DOBES Programme
    Wittenburg, Peter; Drude, Sebastian; Broeder, Daan
    MPI for Psycholinguistics, Netherlands, Kingdom of the
  • Making Data a First Class Scientific Output: data citation and publication by NERC’s environmental data centres
    Callaghan, Sarah Anne (1); Donnegan, Steve (1); Pepler, Sam (1); Thorley, Mark (2); Cunningham, Nathan (3); Kirsch, Peter (3); Ault, Linda (4); Bell, Patrick (4); Bowie, Rod (4); Leadbetter, Adam (5); Lowry, Roy (5); Moncoiffe, Gwen (5); Harrison, Kate (6); Smith-Haddon, Ben (6); Weatherby, Anita (6); Wright, Dan (6)
    1: NCAS British Atmopsheric Data Centre, United Kingdom; 2: Natural Environment Research Council; 3: Polar Data Centre, British Antarctic Survey; 4: British Geological Survey; 5: British Oceanographic Data Centre; 6: Environmental Information Data Centre, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
  • Opening up Climate Research: a linked data approach to publishing data provenance
    Shaon, Arif (1); Callaghan, Sarah (2); Lawrence, Bryan (2); Matthews, Brian (1); Osborn, Timothy (3); Harpham, Colin (3); Woolf, Andrew (1)
  • DMPonline and DMP Tool: Different strategies towards a shared goal
    Donnelly, Martin (1); Sallans, Andrew (2)
    1:University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom; 2: University of Virginia, United States
  • Trends in Use of Scientific Workflows: Insights from a Public Repository and Guidelines for Best Practices
    Littauer, Richard (1); Ram, Karthik (2); Ludaescher, Bertram (3); Michener, William (1); Koskela, Rebecca (1)
    Organization(s): 1: University of New Mexico, United States of America; 2: University of California, Berkeley, United States of America; 3: University of California, Davis, United States of America
  • Peer-reviewed open research data: pilot results
    Grootveld, Marjan; Egmond, Jeff van
    Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS), Netherlands, Kingdom of the
  • Building human and infrastructure capacity through a national approach: the ANDS experience
    Treloar, Andrew E; Groenewegen, David
    Australian National Data Service, Australia
  • The KRDS Benefit Analysis Toolkit: Development and Application
    Beagrie, Neil (1); Duke, Monica (2); Hardman, Catherine (3); Karla, Dipak (4); Lavoie, Brian (5); Lyon, Liz (6); Woollard, Matthew (7)
    1: Charles Beagrie Limited, UK; 2: UKOLN/Sage Cite Project, UK; 3: Archaeology Data Service, UK; 4: CHIME/UCL, UK; 5: OCLC, USA; 6: UKOLN/DCC, UK; 7: UKDA, UK
  • Developments in research funder data policy

    Jones, Sarah
    DCC, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

  • The Data Management Skills Support Initiative: synthesising postgraduate training in research data management
    Molloy, Laura; Snow, Kellie
    HATII, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Golden Trail: Retrieving the Data History that Matters from a Comprehensive Provenance Repository
    Missier, Paolo (1); Ludäscher, Bertram (2); Bowers, Shawn (3); Altintas, Ilkay (4); Dey, Saumen (2); Agun, Michael (3)
    1: Newcastle University, United Kingdom; 2: UC Davis; 3: Gonzaga University; 4: UCSD
  • CKAN: Enabling Collaboration around the Open Data Ecosytem
    Pollock, Rufus; Bolychevsky, Irina; Matthews, Jillian
    Open Knowledge Foundation, United Kingdom
  • Building an open repository for a specialized research community: Process, challenges, and lessons
    Peer, Limor (1); Green, Ann (2)
    1: Yale University, United States of America; 2: Digital Life Cycle Research and Consulting
  • Development of a Pilot Data Management Infrastructure for Biomedical Researchers at University of Manchester – Approach, Findings, Challenges and Outlook of the MaDAM Project
    Poschen, Meik (1); Finch, June (1); Procter, Rob (1); Goff, Mhorag (1); McDerby, Mary (2); Collins, Simon (2); Besson, Jon (3); Beard, Lorraine (3); Grahame, Tom (3)
    1: Manchester eResearch Centre (MeRC), University of Manchester, United Kingdom; 2: Research Computing supported by IT Services for Research, University of Manchester, United Kingdom; 3: John Rylands University Library (JRUL), University of Manchester, United Kingdom
  • What Your Tweets Tell Us About You: Identity, Ownership and Privacy of Twitter Data
    Kasianovitz, Kristine Marie; Small, Heather; Blanford, Ron; Celaya, Ina
    Organization(s): UCLA, United States of America