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Guidance for online participants

We plan to amplify the 7th International Digital Curation Conference to help a wider audience take part.

We will be providing a range of live coverage and support during the event so you can follow along online. We will be delivering the following resources:

  • Live video stream. There will be a complete online programme throughout the event, featuring live footage of some of the sessions.
  • Live commentary. We will be providing a detailed live commentary of each live streamed sessions to highlight the key messages. You can follow this commentary from the @DCClivevents account or via the event hashtag #idcc11. The commentary will be interactive, so if you want to ask a question, simply tweet it to @DCCliveevents and we will relay it to the speaker for you during the Q&A.
  • Twitter-less engagement. We recognise that not everyone is a Twitter user, so we will be providing an open space to display the Twitter discussions and provide an opportunity for those who do not use Twitter to comment and ask questions without the need for an account. This will appear on the event's live stream page.
  • Lanyrd. Whether you are following online or attending in person, you can connect with others at the event by marking yourself as "attending" or "tracking" on Lanyrd so others can see that you are taking part. This will also help us to identify and support those of you who are following online more effectively. Coverage of the event, including session recordings, speakers' slides, blog posts and other materials will all be made available at the Lanyrd page after the event. 
  • Other conversation spaces. If you are using different platform to those described above to discuss this event, please let us know so that we can share links where appropriate and ensure that your views are represented within both the live event and the event summary.


We will be capturing the conversation where possible to help amplify the event across time. 

This will include:

  • providing recordings of the live streamed sessions (including Q&A).
  • providing recordings of the parallel sessions.
  • archiving the Twitter conversation using Twapperkeeper.
  • republishing selected tweets via Storify.
  • photographs and video footage from around the event.

These resources will be made available at the DCC website and at the event Lanyrd page for future reference. 

If you do not wish your contributions to be included in these archives, please let us know.

We are also partnering with JISC's Greening Events II project to collect usage data associated with each of the online services to help calculate the carbon impact of amplifying an event. This may include anonymous location data.

If you would like to find out more or contribute to the work of this project by helping us to profile your energy use during the conference as a remote participant, please contact Kirsty Pitkin.


  • If you are tweeting, blogging or sharing photos/videos/slides/other materials related to this event, please make sure that you use the event hashtag: #idcc11.
  • Follow @DCCliveevents account for logistical tweets on the day and detailed commentary of the live streamed sessions.
  • You can get to know other participants in advance of the event by marking yourself as "attending" or "tracking" the event via Lanyrd.
  • Geotag your tweets so we can map the distribution of our online participants and use this to inform our amplification of future DCC events.

Acceptable Use Policy

Respect others

Whether you are engaging in the online discussion from within the conference venue or from elsewhere in the world, please take responsibility for your actions and ensure that your comments or activities do not cause offence or disturbance to those around you, either physically or virtually.

Report Issues

The reason we are formally amplifying IDCC 11 is to help enhance your experience of the event and the surrounding conversations, whether you are there in person or participating from afar. For this reason, we actively encourage you to let us know directly if there is something we can do to improve your experience, whether you need the volume turned up on the live stream, want us to share a useful link or need us to source more coffee. 

We will return all follows to the @DCCliveevents account so that you can send us a discrete direct message, and a tech support box will be available on the live stream page to report any technical issues. Please also make sure you take the time to complete our feedback survey after the event so that we can improve our event amplification at future events.

Listen, share and engage

Our event amplification activities are designed to facilitate conversation, knowledge sharing and future innovation. Please take the time to listen to others, share your own views and useful links, question, and engage with others. The event cannot be amplified without your contributions.