Because good research needs good data

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Welcome aboard SS Great Britain: Welcome Address by Professor Glynis Breakwell

Welcome and opening keynote by Ewan McIntosh: Public data opportunities

Organisational perspectives session:

David Lynn: Data Matters - A View from a research funder

Jeff Haywood: Taking care of the university's research data

Andrew Charlesworth: Data Transparency - Managing the legislative risk

Organisational Perspectives: Discussion Panel

Research perspectives session:

Mark Hahnel: Give researchers credit for all their research

Victoria Stodden: Reproducible research

Heather Piwowar: Data use attribution and impact tracking

Research Perspectives: Discussion Panel

DCC Symposium: Share your genome? Dealing with very personal data

Summing up day one: Clifford Lynch


Keynote by Philip E Bourne: Open data driving scholarly communications in 2020

Best peer reviewed paper by William Underwood: Grammar-based specification and parsing of binary file formats

Parallel Session A1: Data management and planning

Meik Poschen: Development of a Pilot Data Management Infrastructure for Biomedical Researchers at University of Manchester

Martin Donnelly: DMPonline and DMPTool: Different strategies towards a shared goal

Laura Molloy: The Data Management Skills Support Initiative: synthesising postgraduate training in research data management

David Gooenewegan - Building human and infrastructure capacity through a national approach: the ANDS experience

Parallel Session B1: Workflows

Sebastian Drude: Inter-disciplinary Curation and Use of Language Data - Experiences from the DOBES Programme

Richard Littauer: Trends in Use of Scientific Workflows: Insights from a Public Repository and Guidelines for Best Practices

Paolo Missier: Golden Trail: Retrieving the Data History that Matters from a Comprehensive Provenance Repository

Parallel Session A2: Policy and legal

Sarah Jones: Developments in research funder data policy

Neil Beagrie: The KRDS Benefit Analysis Toolkit: Development and Application

Ellen Collins: Freedom of Information in the UK and its Implications for Research in the Higher Education Sector

Kristine Kasianovitz: What Your Tweets Tell Us About You: Identity, Ownership and Privacy of Twitter Data

Parallel Session B2: Preservation

Irina Bolychevsky: CKAN: Enabling Collaboration around the Open Data Ecosytem

Marjan Grootveld: Peer-reviewed open research data: pilot results

Esther Conway: Managing risks in the preservation of research data with preservation networks

Parallel Session A3: Formats

Yunhyong Kim: Digital forensics formats: seeking a digital preservation storage format for web archiving

Chris Frisz: Assessing Migration Risks for Scientific Data Formats

Ross Spencer: Towards the development of a test corpus of digital objects for the evaluation of file format identification tools

Parallel Session B3: Environmental Data

Sarah Callaghan: Making Data a First Class Scientific Output: data citation and publication by NERC’s environmental data centr

Brian Matthews: Opening up Climate Research: a linked data approach to publishing data provenance

Constanze Curdt: Scientific Research Data Management for Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere Data – The TR32DB

Ruth McNally: Understanding the 'Intensive' in 'Data Intensive Research': Data Flows in Next Generation Sequencing and Environme

Closing keynote by Natasa Milic-Frayling: Advancing research and technology to safeguard our digital future

Closing Remarks: Kevin Ashley