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Monday 14 January





Programme of Pre-Conference Workshops

(the workshop programme will continue on Thursday 17 January)

Pre-Conference Drinks Reception  - NEMO Science Center, Amsterdam (Sponsored by Microsoft Research)

Introduced by Liz Lyon, Associate Director of the Digital Curation Centre and Kristin Tolle, Director, Microsoft Research Connections Team

Welcome Address: Carlos Morais Pires,  Scientific Officer at the European Commission, Excellence in Science DG/CONNECT


Tuesday 15 January

Day 1  



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Kevin Ashley, Director of the Digital Curation Centre


"ELIXIR: a bioinformatics infrastructure" Dr Ewan Birney,  Associate Director of the EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) [download PDF]

Chair: Kevin Ashley



Disciplinary perspective:-

"From sensor to dissemination:  Stewardship of data in the marine sciences" - Hans Pfeiffenberger, Alfred Wegener Institute [download PDF]

Institutional perspective:-

"Growing an Institution’s Research Data Management Capability through Strategic Investments in Infrastructure" Anthony Beitz, Monash eResearch Centre. [download PDF]

Chair: Kevin Ashley



Posters and demonstrations



"Digital collections: new challenges for curation and new opportunities for data driven scholarship" Adam Farquhar, The British Library [download PDF]

"Intelligence, Insight, and the role of Scale; data stories from the business world" Paul Miller, Cloud of Data [download PDF]

Chair: Clifford Lynch, Executive Director, Coalition for Networked Information (CNI)



"Building Services, Building Communities, Supporting Data Intensive Research" Patricia Cruse, Director, University of California Curation Center [download PDF]

"Making research more efficient" Kaitlin Thaney, Digital Science [download PDF]

Chair:Clifford Lynch, Executive Director, Coalition for Networked Information (CNI)



Posters and demonstrations



Interactive Afternoon

Minute Madness - to include poster & demo presentations [download PDF]

Chair: Kevin Ashley, Director of the Digital Curation Centre


Community Space


DCC Symposium - What is a Data Scientist?

Chair: Liz Lyon, Associate Director of the Digital Curation Centre [download PDF]

Interactive Panel

Data Librarian - Stephanie Wright, University of Washington Libraries [download PDF]

Data Steward - Louise Corti, UK Data Archive [download PDF]

Data Publisher - Scott Edmunds, Gigascience [download PDF]

Data Analyst - Francine Bennett, Mastodon C [download PDF]



Clifford Lynch, Executive Director, Coalition for Networked Information (CNI)



Reception & Poster Session

Conference Dinner


Wednesday 16 January

Day 2  





The Web as infrastructure for scholarly research and communication

 Herbert Van de Sompel, Los Alamos National Laboratory [view on Slideshare]

Chair: Ann Borda, VeRSI, University of Melbourne



Posters and demonstrations

Session 1 Parallel A Parallel B Parallel C




(P)=Practice Paper

(R)=Research Paper









Institutional Research Data Management

Chair: Nancy McGovern, MIT Libraries

10:30-10:45 Meeting the Data Management Compliance Challenge: Funder Expectations and Institutional Reality Catherine Pink, UKOLN, University of Bath (P)

10:45-11:00 "Implementing the Research Data Management Policy:University of Edinburgh Roadmap" Robin Rice, University of Edinburgh (P) [download PDF]

11:00-11:15 "Creating a Research Data Management Service" Thomas Parsons, University of Nottingham (P) [download PDF]

11:15-11:30 Challenges in building an institutional research data catalogue, Sally Rumsey, University of Oxford (P) [download PDF]

11:30-11:45 Towards a Unified University Infrastructure: The Data Management Roll-out at the University of Oxford, James Wilson, University of Oxford (P) [download PDF]

National Perspectives in Research Data Management

Chair:Stefan Winkler-Nees, DFG

10:30-10:45 "Data Management Practice in Australia – the ANDS perspective" David Groenewegen, ANDS (P) [download PDF]

10:45-11:00 "The Problematic Future of Research Data Management: Challenges, Opportunities, and Emerging Patterns Identified by the DataRes Project" Martin Halbert, University of North Texas (P) [download PDF]

11:00-11:15 "Institutional research data management services: progress and challenges in the JISC Managing Research Data Programme" Simon Hodson, Jisc (P) [download PDF]

11:15-11:30 A Maturing Process of Engagement: raising data capabilities in UK higher education, Graham Pryor, DCC (P) - [download PDF]

11:30-11:45 "Gathering evidence of benefits: a structured approach from the Managing Research Data programme" Laura Molloy, DCC & University of Glasgow(P) [download PDF]

Repositories/Data Archives

Chair: Neil Grindley, Jisc

10:30-10:45 "The Product and System Specificities of Measuring Impact: Indicators of Use in Research Data Archives" Nicholas Weber, University of Illinois (P) [download PDF]

10:45-11:00 "SEAD Virtual Archive: Building a Federation of Institutional Repositories for Long Term Data Preservation" Stacy Konkiel, Indiana University (P) [view on Slideshare]

11:00-11:15 "The GESIS Data Archive for the Social Sciences: A widely recognised data archive on its way towards a new level of trustworthiness" Natascha Schumann, GESIS Leibniz Institute for Social Science(P) [download PDF]

11:15-11:45 "Trust in Digital Repositories" Elizabeth Yakel, University of Michigan & Ixchel Faniel, OCLC Research (R) [download PDF]

  Transition Transition Transition
Session 2 Parallel A Parallel B Parallel C



(P)=Practice Paper

(R)=Research Paper

Cloud Services

Chair: Paul Walk, UKOLN

12:00-12:30 "Towards Emulation-as-a-Service - Cloud Services for Versatile Digital Object Access" Dirk von Suchodoletz, University of Freilburg (R) [download PDF]

12:30-13:00 "Distributed Digital Preservation in the Cloud" David S. H. Rosenthal, LOCKSS Program (R) [view David's blog]



Education & Training

Chair: Joyce Ray, Johns Hopkins University

12:00-12:15 "Model Development for Scientific Data Curation Education" Mary Marlino, National Center for Atmospheric Research (P) [download PDF]

12:15-12:30 "Developing an Approach for Data Management Education: A Report from the Data Information Literacy Project" Jake Carlson, Purdue University(P) [download PDF]

12:30:12:45 "Research Data Management Education for Future Curators" Mark Scott, University of Southampton (P) [download PDF]

12:45-13:00 "Data-intelligence training for support staff" Madeleinede Smaele et al 3TU. Datacentrum (P) [download PDF]

Confidentiality/Open Research Data

Chair: Limor Peer, Yale University

12:00-13:00 Presentations & Panel

"Participant confidentiality, open access and data curation." Limor Peer, Yale University [download PDF]

"Data Management of Confidential Data" Carl Lagoze, University of Michigan [download PDF]

"Archiving and Providing Access to Confidential Social Science Data" Jared Lyle, ICPSR [download PDF]

"Enabling access to UK social science data across the disclosure spectrum" Louise Corti, UKDA [download PDF]




Posters and demonstrations

Session 3 Parallel A Parallel B Parallel C


Formats & Identifiers

Chair: Andreas Rauber, TU Wein

14:00-14:30 "Can Persistent Identifiers Be Cool" Stefano Bortoli, University of Trento (R) [download PDF]

14:30-15:00 "Generation of a Skeleton Corpus of Digital Objects for the Validation and Evaluation of Format Identification Tools and Signatures" Ross Spencer (R) [view on Prezi]

15:00-15:30 "Prenormative Research into Standard Messaging Formats for Engineering Materials Data" Tim Austin, European Commission Joint Research Centre Institute for Energy & Transport (R) [download PDF]

Cross Disciplinary Data

Chair: John Kunze, California Digital Library

14:00-14:30 "Data Management and Preservation Planning for Big Science" Brian Matthews, STFC (R) [download PDF]

14:30-14:45 "EUDAT: A New Cross-Disciplinary Data Infrastructure For Science" Peter Wittenberg, CSC, IT Center for Science (P) [download PDF]

Arts & Humanities Data

Chair: Lucia Lotte, Human Sciences Research Council

14:45-15:00 "The CLARIN-NL Data Curation Service: Bringing Data to the Foreground" Henk van den Heuvel, Radboud University Nijmegan (P) [view on Prezi]

15:00-15:15 "Here, KAPTUR this! 
Identifying and selecting the infrastructure required to support the curation and preservation of visual arts research data"  Leigh Garrett et al , University of Creative Arts (P) [download PDF]

15:15-15:30 "Pinning It Down: towards a practical definition of ‘Research Data’ for Creative Arts Institutions" Marieke Guy, DCC (P) - [download PDF]


Chair: John Meyer, Ithaka

14:00-14:30 "Toward Standardization: A Participatory Framework for the Process of Developing Scientific Metadata Standards" Karen Baker, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (R) [download PDF]

Data Publication

Chair: John Meyer, Ithaka

14:30-14:45 "Linking and Enriching Data with Publications across subject-specific Infrastructures - challenges and issues for a multi-disciplinary approach" Maarten Hoogerwerf, DANS (P) [download PDF]

14:45-15:00 "Processes and Procedures for Data Publication: a case study in the Geosciences" Sarah Callaghan, STFC (P) [download PDF]

15:00-15:15 "Can Data Sharing Prevent Data Fraud?" Peter Doorn, DANS (P) [download PDF]





Awards for Best Research Paper & Best Poster

Chair: David Marques, Research Data Services, Elsevier

Closing Keynote:

"Building an Open Data Infrastructure for Research: Turning Policy into Practice" - Juan Bicarregui, Science & Technlogy Facilities Council (STFC) [download PDF]

Chair & Closing Remarks: Kevin Ashley, Director of the Digital Curation Centre [download PDF]




Thursday 17 January

09.30 -17.30 Programme of Workshops