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Keynote by Dr Ewan Birney - ELIXIR: a bioinformatics infrastructure *uncut version*

Keynote by Dr Ewan Birney - ELIXIR: a bioinformatics infrastructure

Infrastructure session: 

Hans Pfeiffenberger - From sensor to dissemination: Stewardship of data in the marine sciences

Anthony Beitz - Growing an Institution's Research Data Management Capability through Strategic Investments

Intelligence session:

Adam Farquhar - Digital collections: a new challenge for curation and new opportunities for data driven scholarship

Paul Miller - Intelligence, Insight, and the role of Scale; data stories from the business world

Innovation/Applications session:

Patricia Cruse - Building Services, Building Communities, Supporting Data Intensive Research

Kaitlin Thaney - Making research more efficient

DCC Symposium: What is a Data Scientist?

Keynote by Herbert Van de Sompel - The Web as infrastructure for scholarly research and communication

Parallel session A1: Institutional Research Data Management

Catherine Pink - Meeting the Data Management Compliance Challenge: Funder Expectations and Institutional Reality

Robin Rice - Implementing the Research Data Management Policy: University of Edinburgh Roadmap

Thomas Parsons - Creating a Research Data Management Service

Sally Rumsey - Challenges in building an institutional research data catalogue

James Wilson - Towards a Unified University Infrastructure: The Data Management Roll-out at the University of Oxford

Parallel session B1: National Perspectives in Research Data Management

David Groenewegen - Data Management Practice in Australia: the ANDS perspective

Martin Halbert - The Problematic Future of Research Data Management: Challenges, Opportunities, and Emerging Patterns Identified by the DataRes Project

Simon Hodson - Institutional research data management services: progress and challenges in the JISC Managing Research Data Programme

Graham Pryor - A Maturing Process of Engagement: raising data capabilities in UK higher education

Parallel session A2: Cloud Services

David S. H. Rosenthal - Distributed Digital Preservation in the Cloud

Parallel session B2: Education and Training

Karon Kelly - Model Development for Scientific Data Curation Education

Jake Carlson - Developing an Approach for Data Management Education: A Report from the Data Information Literacy Project

Mark Scott - Research Data Management Education for Future Curators

Madeleine de Smaele - Data-intelligence training for support staff

Parallel session A3: Formats and Identifiers

Paolo Bouquet - Can Persistent Identifiers Be Cool?

Ross Spencer - Generation of a Skeleton Corpus of Digital Objects for the Validation and Evaluation of Format Identification Tools and Signatures

Tim Austin - Prenormative Research into Standard Messaging Formats for Engineering Materials Data

Parallel session B3: Cross Disciplinary Data

Henk van den Heuvel - The CLARIN-NL Data Curation Service: Bringing Data to the Foreground

Carlos Silva - Here, KAPTUR this! Identifying and selecting the infrastructure required to support the curation and preservation of visual arts research data

Marieke Guy - Pinning It Down: towards a practical definition of 'Research Data' for Creative Arts Institutions