Because good research needs good data

Call for Papers

Call for Papers : Commodity, catalyst or change-agent? Data-driven transformations in research, education, business and society.

This year the IDCC will focus on how data-driven developments are changing the world around us, recognising that the growing volume and complexity of data provides institutions, researchers, businesses and communities with a range of exciting opportunities and challenges. The Conference will explore the expanding portfolio of tools and data services, as well as the diverse skills that are essential to explore, manage, use and benefit from valuable data assets. The programme will reflect cultural, technical and economic perspectives and will illustrate the progress made in this arena in recent months.

The IDCC14 Programme Committee invites submissions to the 9th International Digital Curation Conference that reflect our conference theme.


Opening data up

  • Towards intelligently open data
  • Challenge of the growing “long tail” of data

Publishing data

  • Data publication – new forms, new models, new standards
  • Peer review of datasets – approaches, challenges & opportunities
  • Metrics, altmetrics and impact factors for datasets – development, application and evaluation

Identifying data, contributors, and contributions

  • Data citation – demonstrating the value of data citation infrastructure
  • Identifiers in practice – achieving critical mass for datasets
  • Data attribution and reward

Supporting data management

  • Research data management services and infrastructure
  • Data repositories, platforms, services
  • Roll-out and operational practice
  • Data registries & data catalogues

Planning data management

  • Data Management Plans & beyond
  • Implementation experiences
  • Mining intelligence from DMPs & data analytics

Funding data management

  • Exploring the costs & value of research data management
  • Data management and the economy – benefits and business advantage
  • Commercial value of data for commerce & scholarship

Protecting data, protecting people

  • Sensitive data, ethics and privacy issues
  • Data and social media
  • Data governance
  • Secure data services

Working with data

  • Data visualisation, data models, data and simulations
  • Citizen science datasets

Disciplinary data with a particular focus on:

  • Digital humanities
  • Digital arts
  • Social sciences, economics, business
  • Biomedical & clinical data
  • Environment

Building capability

  • Emerging careers for informatics professionals
  • Innovative approaches to training
  • Career prospects, directions and opportunities

Further information

Subject matter could be policy-related, strategic, operational, infrastructural, tool-based, experimental, empirical or theoretical in nature.
Structure and organisation should be appropriate for the disciplinary area.
Papers should not have been published in their current or a very similar form before, other than as a pre-print in a repository.
The conference will include research tracks, practice tracks and poster & demo sessions as well as associated workshops.
Research papers will be eligible for publication as peer-reviewed articles in the International Journal of Digital Curation.
Practice submissions for which full papers are received will be considered for publication as general articles in IJDC.
Poster submissions will receive dedicated viewing time during the event.
The programme may include lightning talks and a software bazaar for demos of open source software.

Submission deadlines

  • Research papers and practitioner paper abstracts are due by 28 October 2013
  • Workshop proposals are due by 28 October 2013
  • Submission of abstracts for poster/demos are due by 25 November 2013

Further details are available at dates.

Templates for submission and details of the ConfTool system are available at submissions.