Because good research needs good data

Day two papers

Research Papers

  • Data Management in Metagenomics: A Risk Management Approach - Filipe Ferreira; Lemos Manuel; Miguel Coimbra; Raquel Bairrão; Ricardo Vieira; Ana Teresa Freitas; Luis Russo; José Borbinha; Instituto Superior Técnico / INESC-ID
  • Data Producers Courting Data Reusers: Two cases from modeling communities - Jillian Wallis, University of California, Los Angeles
  • eBird: Curating Citizen Science Data for Use by Diverse Communities - Carl Lagoze, (1); Brian Sullivan,(2); Andrea Wiggins, (3); Sreve Kelling, (2) Organization(s): 1: University of Michigan, School of Information; 2: Laboratory of Ornithology, Cornell University; 3: Cornell University, University of New Mexico
  • Examining Disclosure Risk and Data Utility: An Administrative Data Case Study - Michael Comerford, Organization(s): University of Glasgow
  • Managing the Public to Manage Data: Citizen Science and Astronomy - Peter Darch, UCLA
  • Process Management Plans - Tomasz Miksa (1); Stephan Strodl (1); Andreas Rauber (2); Organization(s): 1: SBA Research, Austria; 2: Vienna University of Technology

Best Research Paper Awarded to:

  • Publishing and Pushing: Mixing Models for Communicating Research Data in Archaeology - Eric Kansa (1,2); Sarah Whitcher Kansa (2,3); Benjamin Arbuckle, (4); Organization(s): 1: UC Berkeley, USA; 2: Open Context, USA; 3: The Alexandria Archive Institute, USA; 4: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Practice Papers

  • Building a Bridge Between Journal Articles and Research Data - Eleni Castro (1); Alex Garnett (2) Organization(s): 1: Harvard University 2: Simon Fraser University
  • Building a disciplinary metadata standards directory - Alex Ball  (1); Sean Chen (2); Jane Greenberg (3); Keith Jeffery  (4); Rebecca Koskela (5); Cristina Perez,(3) Organization(s): 1: UKOLN-University of Bath; 2: School of Law, Duke University; 3: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; 4: EuroCRIS; 5: University of New Mexico
  • Building Infrastructure for Preservation and Publication of Earthquake Engineering Research Data - Stanislav Pejša, (1); Thomas Hacker, (2); Shirley Dyke, (2) Organization(s): 1: Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation; 2: Purdue University, Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation
  • Committing to Data Quality Review - Limor Peer, (1); Ann Green, (2); Elizabeth Stephenson, (3) Organization(s): 1: Yale University; 2: Digital Lifecycle Research & Consulting; 3: UCLA
  • Cross-linking between journal publications and data repositories: a selection of examples - Sarah Callaghan (1); Jonathan Tedds (2); Rebecca Lawrence (3); Fiona Murphy (4); Timothy Roberts (4); Will Wilcox (4) Organization(s): 1: British Atmospheric Data Centre; 2: University of Leicester; 3: F1000R; 4: Wiley
  • Curating for Value in Different Data Stewardship Paradigms - Mark Parsons, Organization: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, United States of America
  • DataShare: Empowering Researcher Data Curation - Stephen Abrams, (1); Patricia Cruse, (1); Carly Strasser, (1); Perry Willett, (1); Geoffrey Boushey, (2); Julia Kochi, (2); Megan Laurance, (2) Organization(s): 1: California Digital Library; 2: University of California, San Francisco
  • Delivering innovative RDM training: the immersiveInformatics Pilot Programme at the University of Melbourne - Anna Shadbolt (1); Leo Konstantelos (1); Liz Lyon (2); Marieke Guy (3) Organization(s): 1: University of Melbourne; 2: UKOLN Informatics, University of Bath; 3: Open Knowledge Foundation
  • DMPonline Version 4.0: user-led innovation - Magdalena Getler (1); Diana Sisu (1); Sarah Jones (2); Kerry Miller (1) Organization(s): 1: Digital Curation Centre at the University of Edinburgh; 2: Digital Curation Centre at the University of Glasgow
  • DMPTool 2.0: Expanding Functionality for Better Data Management Planning - Carly Strasser; Stephen Abrams; Patricia Cruse, California Digital Library
  • Establishing Services & Resources to Support Faculty Writing Data Management Plans: Lessons Learned from an Engineering Pilot - Natsuko Nicholls; Sara Samuel; Leene Lalwani; Paul Grochowski; Jennifer Green, University of Michigan
  • From project to strategic vision: transformational leadership in research data management support at the University of Sydney Library - Belinda Norman, University of Sydney
  • Guidelines on recommending data repositories as partners in data publication - Sarah Callaghan (1); Jonathan Tedds (2); John Kunze (3);Varsha Khodiyar (4); Rebecca Lawrence (4); Matthew Mayernik (5); Fiona Murphy (6); Timothy Roberts (6); Angus Whyte (7) Organization(s): 1: Science and Technology Facilities Council; 2: University of Leicester; 3: California Digital Library; 4: F1000Research; 5: University Corporation for Atmospheric Research; 6: Wiley; 7: Digital Curation Centre
  • Integrating digital forensics techniques into curatorial tasks: A Case Study - Sam Meister(1); Alexandra Chassanoff (2) Organization(s): 1: University of Montana; 2: School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Leveraging High Performance Computing for Managing Large and Evolving Data Collections - Ritu Arora; Maria Esteva; Jessica Trelogan, University of Texas at Austin
  • Library and Researcher Collaborative Data Publishing: the Southern Voting Project - Victoria Mitchell; Cary Fontana; Joshua Baker, University of Oregon
  • Persistent Identifiers for Scholarly Assets and the Web: The Need for an Unambiguous Mapping - Herbert Van de Sompel; Robert Sanderson; Harihar Shankar & Martin Klein, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Research Data Curation Pilots: Lessons Learned - David Minor; Matt Critchlow; Arwen Hutt; Declan Fleming; Mary Linn Bergstrom; Don Sutton, UC San Diego
  • Reshaping the DCC Institutional Engagement programme - Sarah Jones (1); Jonathan Rans (2); Diana Sisu (2); Angus Whyte (2) Organization(s): 1: DCC, University of Glasgow; 2: DCC, University of Edinburgh
  • Show me the data: the pilot UK Research Data Registry - Alex Ball (1); Kevin Ashley (2); Patrick McCann (3); Laura Molloy (3); Veerle Van den Eynden (4) Organization(s): 1: UKOLN-University of Bath; 2: University of Edinburgh; 3: HATII-University of Glasgow; 4: UK Data Archive
  • The DigCurV curriculum framework for digital curation in the cultural heritage sector - Laura Molloy (1); Ann Gow (1); Leonidas Konstantelos (2) Organization(s): 1: HATII, University of Glasgow; 2: University of Melbourne
  • The Front Office - Back Office model: supporting research data management in the Netherlands - Ingrid Dillo; Peter Doorn, Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)
  • The PBase Scientific Workflow Provenance Repository - Victor Cuevas-Vicenttín (1); Parisa Kianmajd (1); Bertram Ludäscher (1); Paolo Missier (2) Organization(s): 1: University of California at Davis; 2: Newcastle University
  • Toward a symbiotic relationship between academic libraries and disciplinary data repositories: A Dryad and University of Michigan case study - Katherine Akers; Jennifer Green, University of Michigan Libraries
  • Towards Automated Workflow Design and Analysis of Declarative Curation Workflows - Bertram Ludaescher, UC Davis
  • "We're Working on it": Transferring the Sloan Digital Sky Survey from Laboratory to Library - Ashley Sands (1); Christine Borgman (1); Laura Wynholds (1); Sharon Traweek,(2) Organization(s): 1: UCLA, Information Studies; 2: UCLA, History and Gender Studies