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The demonstrations will take palce on the afternoon of Tuesday 23 February 2016

  • Archaeology of Reading: An implementation of the IIIF protocol Sayeed Choudhury; Mark Patton; John Abrahams;Organization: Johns Hopkins University
  • Demonstration of BitCurator Environment and BitCurator Access Tools for the Curation of Born-Digital Data Christopher Lee; Organization: University of North Carolina
  • The RMap Project: Capturing and Preserving the Relationships amongst Multi-Part Distributed Works Karen Hanson (1); Sheila Morrissey (1); Aaron Birkland (2); Tim DiLauro (2); Mark Donoghue (3); Organization(s): 1: Portico, United States of America; 2: Data Conservancy, United States of America; 3: IEEE, United States of America
  • Using the Facilitate Open Science Training for European Research (FOSTER) eLearning Portal Nancy Pontika (2); Joy Davidson (1); Eloy Rodrigues (3); Martin Donnelly (1) ;Organization(s): 1: DCC; 2: Open University; 3: University of Minho