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Digital Repository of Ireland

Digital Repository of Ireland logoThe Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) is a national trusted digital repository (TDR) for Ireland’s social and cultural data. We preserve, curate, and provide sustained access to a wealth of Ireland’s humanities and social sciences data through a single online portal. The repository houses unique and important collections from a variety of organisations including higher education institutions, cultural institutions, government agencies, and specialist archives. DRI has staff members from a wide variety of backgrounds, including software engineers, designers, digital archivists and librarians, data curators, policy and requirements specialists, educators, project managers, social scientists and humanities scholars. DRI is certified by the CoreTrustSeal, the current TDR standard widely recommended for best practice in Open Science.

In addition to providing trusted digital repository services, the DRI is also Ireland’s research centre for best practices in digital archiving, repository infrastructures, preservation policy, research data management and advocacy at the national and European levels. DRI contributes to policy making nationally (e.g. via the National Open Research Forum and the IRC), and internationally, including European Commission expert groups, the Digital Preservation Coalition, DARIAH, and the OECD.

The Digital Repository of Ireland is funded by the Department of Education and Skills, co-funded by the HEA and the IRC and is located at the Royal Irish Academy administrative lead and headquarters, Trinity College Dublin and Maynooth University.

The DRI is also a funded partner in the Research Data Alliance Europe, a global organisation dedicated to building the social and technical bridges required for data sharing and reuse across institutional and national boundaries. In 2017, DRI embarked on a collaboration with Atlantic Philanthropies and Cornell University Library to digitally archive the records of Atlantic Philanthropies’ 30 years of grant-giving in Ireland, and to curate exhibitions that explore the impact of the funded programmes and initiatives.

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