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IDCC20 Poster voting 


Voting is now open! Pick your favourite poster here. Voting closes on Wednesday 19/2 4pm. 

IDCC20 Poster exhibition 

The 15th International Digital Curation Conference will feature a packed poster exhibition, with 57 great submissions! Presenters will have the opporunity to promote their poster during coffee and lunch breaks, and during the Minute Madness session, where they will need to describe their work in one minute!


Printing Instructions 

Print your poster and bring it along to the conference for the Poster exhibition. Posters must be no bigger than A1 portrait (594mm x 841mm) or landscape (841mm x 591mm). Your poster must be one piece and not made up of separate sections.

Bring your poster along to registration desk on Tuesday 18 February 2020, there will be staff there to help you get your poster up in the right place. There will be poster boards at the venue, labelled with your poster number, which is the unique number allocated by ConfTool when you made your submission, also noted in the list below. 

You may chose to travel with your poster, or print locally in Dublin. Below is a list with printers available at Dublin city centre: 

If you opt to print in Dublin, please ensure you allow for sufficient time, usually 2-3 days in advance. 

Poster number Presenter Poster Title 
113 TU, Zhifang;
Yang, Zhiping
Constructing Research Data Publishing Ecosystem and Quality Control Framework
114 Baily, Lailla;
Liew, Chern Li
Digital GLAM Oral History: Exploration of the Participatory Curation and Ethical Landscape
119 Ma, Rongqian;
Wang, Tianni
Curating Oral Histories of Chinese Cultural Revolution: The Case of CR/10 at the University of Pittsburgh
123 Araujo, Priscylla (1,2);
Roncaglio, Cynthia (1)
Diffusion of the Evolution of the Brazilian Land Military Doctrine: Digital curation and virtual reality
150 Roy, Chandra Shekhar Historical Data Conversion and Archiving.(Development of Metadata, Conversion and Archiving of the Time Series Data of the Completed Censuses and Surveys of the BBS)
160 Ariani, Ria (1);
Trianggoro, Cahyo (2)
National Regulation on Research Data: An Effort for Assessing the Fairness of Research Data in Indonesia
163 Diaz, Guadalupe Maxima Role of Content Creators in advertising the importance of creating essential and vital content in order to impart knowledge on history, culture, language, etc. and promote awareness to the Filipino youth.   
167 Stokes, Paul Leonard Scott;
Kaye, John;
Burland, Tamsin;
Fripp, Dom;
Davey, Tom;
Ingram, Caroline
Introducing the Jisc Open Research Hub
179 Bocyte, Rasa;
Oomen, Johan;
Verbruggen, Erwin;
de Vos, Jesse
Give us the GIFs: Crowd-Curating Iterative Born-Digital Heritage at Scale
180 Cheng, Yi-Yun;
Ludaescher, Bertram
Snailed it! Merging Taxonomically Organized Biodiversity Datasets with Shifting Geopolitical Realities
186 Stokes, Paul Leonard Scott;
Kaye, John;
Burland, Tamsin;
Fripp, Dom;
Davey, Tom
WHERE, WHAT, VALUE AND RISK Steps Towards Sustainability Through Realising The Value of Data
202 Smith, Plato Supporting Data Management at UF and UTK - A Tale of Two Use Cases
203 Jetten, Mijke (1);
Schoots, Fieke (2);
Cruz, Maria (3);
Kuzak, Mateusz (4);
Leenarts, Ellen (5);
Teijeiro Barjas, Carlos (6);
Verheul, Ingeborg (7)
23 Things revisited: field guides to research data management
213 Peng, Ge (1);
Ritchey, Nancy (2);
Lief, Christina (3);
Maggio, Iolanda (4)
Use and Re-use of a Data Stewardship Maturity Assessment Model for Institutional Research Data Management Support
218 Michener, William Effectively Facilitating and Managing Transdisciplinary Research and Cyberinfrastructure Building: Lessons Learned from DataONE and Four Additional Projects
220 Christian, Thu-Mai (1);
Peer, Limor (2);
Arguillas, Florio (3)
Introducing the CuRe Training Program: A Curriculum in Data Curation for Reproducibility
221 Merrett, Kirsty;
Warren, Christopher;
Gray, Stephen;
Beckles, Zosia;
Steer, Damian;
Hiom, Debra
Researchers, Impact and Publications (R.I.P.), AKA, how to adapt a cult game to increase engagement and awareness
222 Jingjungvisut, Saowalak Aggregate, organize and present development data using open data principles
223 Benedict, Karl Kent (1);
Hoebelheinrich, Nancy (2)
Building a Global Clearinghouse of Research Data Skill Building Training Resources – a Community Effort
224 Garland, Wendy Elizabeth The CEDA archive and JASMIN – combining environmental data repositories with an active research platform
225 Biernacka, Katarzyna;
Pinkwart, Niels
The Maze of Open Research Data - Does the Unfamiliarity with Data Protection Regulations Prevent the Publication of Research Data?
226 Szuflita-Żurawska, Magdalena Anna;
Wałek, Anna
Open Science Competency Center – towards engaging and supporting researchers in opening research data across disciplines.
227 Wilson, James A J (1);
Tenhunen, Ville (2);
Russell, Keith (3)
Research Data Architectures for Research Institutions - Survey of Research Data Services
228 Romabiles, Katie Ann Letters for Justice: Facilitating Research and Supporting Immigrants through a Living Archive
229 Green, Jessica Crystal Around the British Library in 80 Languages: Engaging with a Different Community Each Week #AToUnknown
230 McNeill, Katherine Making a Difference with Data: Collective Support for Research Data at Harvard Business School
231 Gibson, Christopher Michael Curating the institutional scholarly record using open APIs for Scholix and DataCite
232 Taberman, Ida;
Toljander, Ylva;
Lindroos, Hanna
A Swedish network for research data management
233 Yan, Emma;
Paterson, Clare
World-changing Transformation: Collections at University of Glasgow Archives & Special Collections
234 Flores, Jacques Paul;
Karvovskaya, Lena;
De Koning, Danny
Data Managers ON-DEMAND: The Brilliance of Insourcing Data Managers
235 Mertens, Myriam Setting up a data steward team at Ghent university
236 Klein, Martin Knowing is better than not knowing! An academic institution archiving its researchers’ scholarly artifacts.
237 Wildgaard, Lorna (1);
Vlachos, Evgenios (2);
Hüser, Falco (1);
Svendsen, Michael (1)
Reframing Data Stewardship education in Denmark
239 Tanaka, Yasuhiro;
Shibai, Kiyohisa;
Inagaki, Yusuke;
Kato-Nitta, Naoko;
Maeda, Tadahiko
A study of adaptation to the social system for shared use of social data ~In the case of Japan~
240 Fürstenau, Cornelia;
Ostrowski, Andreas;
König-Ries, Birgitta
Let’s curate together
241 Wilson, Lee (1);
Brodeur, Jay (2);
Khair, Shahira (3)
Towards a Digital Curation Network in Canada
242 Bellanger, Silke (1);
Besmer, Christina (1);
Kaufmann, Danielle (1);
Keller, Anna (2);
Lindenmann, Iris (1);
Morger, Jennifer (2);
Schreier, Gero (2)
Handling sensitive data in Social Sciences and Humanities - researchers’ questions, and legal and ethical considerations.
243 Paul-Stueve, Thilo Development of Research Data Management Support at Kiel University
245 Hayes-Brady, Ali (1);
Weatherburn, Jaye (2)
Australasia Preserves - 2 Years On
246 Kellam, Lynda;
Arguillas, Florio;
Block, William
Crafting an R-Squared Repository
247 Melo, Ívina Path to digital curation: measuring compliance with DCC curation lifecycle at the Brazilian Ministry of Health
248 Birkbeck, Gail;
Sammon, David;
Nagle, Tadhg
Research Data Management: A Data Value Mapping Approach.
249 Elamparuthy, Amrutha (1,2);
Sherman, Reid (1,2)
The Global Change Information System and Climate Assessment Provenance
250 Gerlach, Roman;
Hesse, Bettina;
König-Ries, Birgitta
Criteria for appraisal and assessment of research data upon submission to a data repository
251 Rayburn, Alexandria Jane;
Thomer, Andrea
Timelines of Legacy Databases: Mapping Forgotten Platforms
252 Johnston, Lisa (1);
Hadley, Hannah (2);
Hudson Vitale, Cynthia (2)
Collective Curation: An update from the Data Curation Network
253 Karatas, Tugce;
Lombardo, Prof. Vincenzo
Decoding Digital Curation for Cultural Heritage: A Survey of The Current Frameworks on Digital Technologies, Preservation Actions, and Semantic Challenges, [Extended proposal]
254 Ikeuchi, Ui (1,2);
Hayashi, Kazuhiro (2)
Open Science practices in Japan: What is the next step towards data stewardship?
255 Mitcham, Jenny;
Wheatley, Paul
Introducing the DPC Rapid Assessment Model
256 Middleton, Sarah Engaging Decision Makers: An Executive Guide on Digital Preservation
257 Alex Delipalta (1), Sarah Jones (1),  Rene Van Horik (2), S.Venkataraman (1), Ellen Verbakel (2) Delivering Research Data Management Services MOOC
258 Paul Severn, Teo Rodondo EMPOWERING THE ARCHIVIST: Progress Report on “Applying Intelligent Agents to Digital Preservation Research Programme”.