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Registration for IDCC20 Conference and workshops is now closed. 


Delegate Categories Fee

Associate Delegates/Early Bird

This category is for members of the DCC Associates Network only, and does not include unconference attendance. 

There is no cost associated with becoming a DCC Associate. You can subscribe at . 


Associates with Unconference

This category is for members of the DCC Associates Network, includes unconference attendance. 


Non-Associate delegates

This category is for all (non DCC Associate) delegates and does not include unconference attendance. 


Non-Associates with Unconference

This category is for all (non DCC Associate) delegates and includes unconference attendance. 



To register as a student please contact*


Unconference only

Registration for the Unconference on Thursday 20 February 2020.



Student places

The student places have now been filled. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please contact with a document from your institution that confirms your student status.

*The Digital Repository of Ireland is able to fund a limited number of student places for students studying in Ireland. For more information contact Deborah Thorpe,

Methods of payment

Paying online, via ePay

Registration is carried out via the University of Edinburgh's online payment system, which is called ePay. Please note that ePay is different from PayPal, people often confuse the two due to the name similarity.

The registration is a two step process, where you first register for an ePay account, then complete registration for the conference. If you have attended a DCC event before, you may already have an account on the ePay system, please double-check.

Please take care to click through all the 'Delivery & Payment' and 'Review & complete' screens until you see the confirmation that your order is complete. If you leave the ePay page before completing your registration you will need to start the application process from the beginning.

You can register up to 5 delegates in one transaction by using the 'add delegate' button. You can do this after you've added IDCC to your basket but before the checkout process.

Everybody needs to register to attend the conference, including presenters.

Paying by invoice

It is possible to pay by invoice but note that a £30 administration charge applies. You can save on charges, by registering multiple delegates in one invoice. 

If you would like to pay on receipt of an invoice please get in touch by emailing

Register for the Workshops

The workshops will take place on Monday 17 February 2020. Workshops can be booked independently of the main conference. You do not have to attend the conference in order to register for the workshops.

Register for the IDCC20 workshops. 


If you have questions about fees and the registration process, please get in touch with the DCC Helpdesk.