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IDCC 2020 Submission Procedure & Templates

Submissions for IDCC will take the following formats:

This year’s theme is 'Collective Curation: the many hands that make data work'

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Papers are for research or practice work which is suitably advanced and has substantial results and reflections that would inform the work of the wider research data management community. Papers may identify challenges, propose a solution or approach tackling these, or describe an activity or research project currently in progress or recently completed. Of particular interest are lessons learned from digital curation activities, and recommendations for best practice.

A prize will be awarded for the best paper.

How to submit papers

You are required to submit a 3-4-page extended abstract. If your abstract is accepted, you will be invited to give a 20-minute presentation at IDCC, followed by 5 minutes of questions.

Accepted papers will also be invited to write-up in full (6-12 pages not including references and appendices, approximately 3,000 - 7,000 words) to publish in the conference proceedings. Your submission must use the provided template. It should observe the word limit, be written using clear language, accurately reflect the title and abstract, present a coherently structured argument, with sufficient context for the reader, and concrete examples where appropriate.

The workflow for conference and journal submission is represented in the graphic below.

Based on the review of your abstract you will have the option to submit the paper for further peer review, for publication in the International Journal of Digital Curation (IJDC). Note that you can submit to IJDC at any time, but if you do so between the IDCC submission date and 10 days after the conference your earlier abstract review will count towards peer review of the full paper. You can choose to submit your paper as a research paper or general article.

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Also see:

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Submission dates:

- Submit extended abstract by 8 July 2019

- Submit final paper by 16 December 2019, 09:00 hrs GMT

Lightning Talks

These short talks are an opportunity to showcase work in progress, new ideas, opinions and thoughts. The best lightning talks have a clear focus on one topic or a narrower range of coverage than full papers. Rants or raves are also welcome, as long as they are on topic. Please bear in mind that you only have 7 minutes to present. If you are submitting an abstract covering a wide range of ideas that would be difficult to present in this time, you are strongly encouraged to submit as a full paper so it is more likely to be accepted.

How to submit a lightning talk

You will be required to submit an abstract of up to 1 page (approximately 500 words). If selected, you will be invited to give a 7 minute presentation at IDCC.

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Submission date: 8 July 2019


These enable you to display information about your work through graphics rather than words. The ideal poster should be designed to attract attention and generate interaction. Posters are displayed in an open area throughout the conference and the programme includes a dedicated poster viewing slot. Posters are displayed adjacent to where coffee breaks and lunches are served, which gives you even more time to interact with those who show interest in your work.

There will be a prize for best poster.

How to submit a poster

You can either submit a short abstract (we expect 300 words but allow up to 2 pages) or the poster itself, if it is available.

The full poster will have to be submitted, in PDF format, following these simple guidelines:

A1 portrait or landscape - 594mm x 841mm or approximately 33.1" x 23.4"

Your poster should be one piece and not made up of separate sections.

Your poster should include title, author(s) names, affiliations, institutional logos, where appropriate, and email addresses.

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See winning posters at IDCC 2019

Submission date: 30 September 2019


These sessions are designed for showcasing applications that are of use to data management practitioners or researchers who have to work with large amounts of data. There will be allocated time slot in the programme for demos during the poster networking session. If your demo can run alone e.g. on video, you may be able to put it on display during refreshment breaks for further interaction with the delegates.

How to submit a demo

Submit a 1-2 page proposal (approximately 500-1000 words), which should include details of any special technical requirements.

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Submission date: 2 August, 5pm GMT (extended) 


Workshops are events attached to IDCC. These are for practical, hands-on work and they are typically used for training. If you have an established tool or working practice that yields results in the world of research data management, then show everyone how it works.

Workshops take place the day before the main conference. We have three rooms booked for workshops of varying size and can accommodate half-day and full-day sessions. You are required to cover all the costs of the workshop - either via direct payment or charging a registration fee. We will publicise your workshop to help you find delegates, but a financial commitment is required and fees charged in the case of cancellation.

We will help you with practical aspects such as finding a venue and required facilities, and we will also publicise your workshop to help you find delegates.

How to submit a workshop

Your workshop proposal should include title, description and name of presenter, as well as practical information such number of delegates, duration, required room layout, equipment, etc.

You will also have to supply information on the funding model. You are required to cover all the costs of the workshop - either via direct payment or charging a registration fee. The costs for running a workshop are as follows: 

  • Full day workshop: £2400 
  • Half day workshop: £1500

​The basic cost of the workshop covers catering, room hire and AV costs for up to 25 delegates. For each additional delegate, the cost is £36 per delegate for a full day workshop, and 60 for a half day workshop. 

Please state if fully funded, part funded (subsidised) or delegate fee: 

  • Fully funded. You can choose to pay for the workshop in full thus making it free for delegates to attend. This is a popular format for workshops being run as part of funded projects or to promote products. You may wish to cap the total cost of the workshop by restricting the number of delegates you are willing to accept. We will invoice you for the cost of the workshop.
  • Subsidised.  You may choose to cover part of the cost of the workshop and pass on to delegates a reduced fee. As the basic costs for running a workshop have to be covered, we will ask you to guarantee any shortfall if the appropriate amount is not raised. Please use /events/idcc19/workshops as a guide for delegate fees.
  • Delegate fees. If you are unable to provide funds, delegates will be charged entry fees. This is a popular format for training sessions. As the basic costs for running a workshop have to be covered, we will ask you to guarantee any shortfall if the appropriate amount is not raised. Please use /events/idcc19/workshops as a guide for delegate fees.
  • Costs cover room hire and setup, AV provision, administration, catering and printing of badges, programmes and delegate lists. Catering includes morning and/or afternoon break and lunch for both half day and full day workshops.

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For inspiration, see programme of workshops at IDCC18 and IDCC19

Submission date: 2 August, 5pm GMT (extended)