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Submission Procedure

Submissions for IDCC will take the following formats: 

  • Papers 
  • Lightning Talks 
  • Posters 

Unfortunately, given the shorter timescale and the fact that the conference will be hosted in virtual format, we will not be hosting workshops and demonstrations this year.

This year’s central theme is data quality. 

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Papers are for research or practice work which is suitably advanced and has substantial results and reflections that would inform the work of the wider research data management community. Papers should present results supported by evidence of novel contribution. Papers may identify challenges, propose a solution or approach tackling the same, or describe an activity or research project currently in progress or recently completed. Of particular interest are lessons learned from digital curation activities, and recommendations for best practice. 

A prize will be awarded for the best paper. 

How to submit papers 

You are required to submit a 5-page extended abstract. If your abstract is accepted, you will be invited to give a 20-minute presentation at IDCC. You will then be expected to write-up your paper in full, 10-12 pages of approximately 6,000 words, for publication in the International Journal of Digital Curation (IJDC).

All full papers that are presented at IDCC21 will be published in IJDC in some form. By default this will be as a Conference Paper, following a brief editorial review. Alternatively you can choose to submit your paper for further peer review, either as a General Article or as a Research Paper. To be considered for peer-review, your final paper must minimally include a review of prior work, and offer some evidence that a recognised process of research or practice has been used to support the conclusions. Please refer to the IJDC Editorial Guidelines (on the 'About the Journal' page) for further guidance on the different peer-review criteria for Research Papers and General Articles.

Submission dates:

  • Extended abstract - 26 January 2021
  • Full paper - 6 April 2021

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Lightning Talks 

These talks are an opportunity to showcase work in progress or completed projects that you believe offer insights or practical lessons that advance digital curation research or practice. Treat IDCC as a stage where you can make your work known and potentially recruit partners to collaborate with. 

How to submit a Lightning Talk 

You will be required to submit a one-page proposal (approximately 500 words). If selected, you will be invited to give a 10-minute presentation at IDCC. 

Submission date: 26 January 2021


These enable you to display information about your work through graphics rather than words. The ideal poster should be designed to attract attention and generate interaction. 

We invite you to present your work in graphical form, using pictures more than words. A good poster will attract attention to your work and generate interaction with the conference audience. To encourage this, the programme includes a dedicated poster viewing slot. Posters will be displayed online in the conference platform and on the DCC website.

There will be a prize for best poster. 

How to submit a poster 

You can either submit a one-page (approximately 500 words) proposal or the poster itself, if it is available. 

The full poster will have to be submitted, in PDF format, following these simple guidelines: 

  • A1 portrait or landscape - 594mm x 841mm or approximately 33.1" x 23.4" 
  • Your poster should be one piece and not made up of separate sections
  • Your poster should include title, author(s) names, affiliations, institutional logos, where appropriate, and email addresses 

Submission dates:

  • Poster proposal - 2 March 2021
  • Final version of poster - 18 March 2021