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RDMF special event: Funding Research Data Management

A conversation with the funders

25 April 2013 |

Funder panel at the event

In our work with UK universities DCC staff are frequently asked to advise on methods and approaches to investing in infrastructure for research data management. One recurring topic concerns the use of research grant funds – questions over whether they can be put towards long term institutional infrastructure or are restricted to expenditure within individual projects, how much infrastructure funding can be included in grant proposals, or whether research grants can fund human infrastructure as well as equipment and facilities. These are but examples; they are also questions on which the DCC is not best placed to provide categorical answers.

Consequently, we arranged a one day event at Aston University for institutional representatives to outline the specific challenges and questions they had faced and for a panel of funders to explain from their positions of policy what is acceptable, feasible and achievable in terms of the use of research grant monies. This 'conversation with the funders' generated considerable productive and helpful discussion.

RCUK response to questions raised at the RDMF

Wellcome Trust’s response to questions raised at the RDMF

The hashtag for this event is #rdmf_funders


Research Facilities and Equipment Sharing database developments / DataPool - Collaboration as Foundation for Sustainability - Adrian Cox / Wendy White, University of Southampton

Ongoing RDM Support at the University of Bristol - Stephen Gray, Project Manager data.bris

Research Data Management at Oxford Brookes - Sarah Taylor, Research Support Manager, RBDO

Caretakers of the Present, Guardians of the Future: The digital Research Data Challenge - Jeff Haywood, University of Edinburgh

Blog reports

Supporting research data management costs through grant funding by Ben Ryan of the EPSRC. N.b. this blog post includes a document listing the RCUK response to questions raised at the RDMF.

A conversation with the funders by Graham Pryor, DCC

Funding RDM by Birgit Plietzsch, University of St Andrew's

For which RDM activities will UK research funders pay? by Laura Molloy, University of Glasgow

RCUK response to the "thirty questions"

Costs and Registration

There was no charge for attendance.