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RDMF13: Preparing Data for Deposit

29 April 2015 |

The phrase ‘preparing data for deposit’ might conjure images of the final days of a research project, when staff may be more concerned with getting started on their next piece of work (and possibly their next place of work) than tidying up loose ends from the research that is due to conclude. But decisions affecting the suitability of data for longer-term preservation, sharing and re-use are taken throughout the project’s lifespan, hence preparing data for deposit truly begins at the very start of the research lifecycle, in the conceptualisation and planning phases.

Ideally, communication lines between the researchers and the chosen place of long-term deposit will be open before the research reaches its final phase. Indeed, in a truly ideal world the long-term data archive of choice would be known from the outset, but not all research data has an obvious destination throughout its lifecycle, and not all subject areas are equally well-served by trusted disciplinary data centres. It is therefore beneficial, in many cases, to keep options as open as possible, and for organisations and funders to support their researchers with both generic and tailored guidance.

This one-day event will provide an opportunity to hear from stakeholder experts in different phases of the research lifecycle, as well as a forum for more detailed discussion of specific areas of interest to the event’s participants: these may include topics such as tools and checklists, roles and responsibilities, and training and awareness-raising. The event will appeal to a broad audience, including active researchers; staff from library, information and research organisations; repository managers and administrators; data curators, data centre managers and other data professionals; funding organisations and research networks.

Programme and Slides

The event programme is now available via the link on the right hand side of the page.

Slides from the event...

(*Sam was unable to give his talk due to illness, but he kindly sent the slides he would have presented.)


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