Sessions could run for 45 or 60 minutes depending on preferences. Please consider this and the desired session format to help in planning.

Let us know what you wish to discuss here.

Many different formats can be used for sessions, including:

  • Group discussion: Pick a topic you’re interested in and form a discussion around it. If you have a particular need or resource you want to develop, propose further discussion to advance this idea.

  • Learn about, or how to do X: If you’re inclined to teach, just make sure you bring whatever gear you need, and that you have some plan for teaching 5, 10 or 15 people how to do something all at the same time.

  • Show and tell: You have a cool project, a demo, or just something to show and let people play with that is the springboard for all the conversation in the session. Alternatively, you can invite others to bring their own items to show and tell (perhaps with a theme), and everyone takes a turn sharing.

  • Fishbowl dialogues: This format can be used to explore a particular question or set of questions.The basic idea is that a centre group engages in a discussion (circle of 3-5 chairs in the centre), while an outer group listens (there will rows of chairs radiating out for the centre). Those in the centre circle can either be selected or volunteer from the group. You may want to start out with a group comprised of people with different opinions on a topic, or different areas of experience. Or you can let the group form as it will. Leave one chair empty for someone else to step into. 

  • Knowledge café: This form can also be used to explore a question or set of questions. The knowledge café begins with the participants seated in a circle of chairs (or concentric circles of chairs if the group is large or the room is small). The facilitator introduces the café topic and poses one or two key open-ended questions. The group breaks into small groups, which discuss the questions for about 30 minutes. Participants then return to the circle and the facilitator leads the group through the final 30-minute session, in which people reflect on the small group discussions and share any thoughts, insights and ideas on the topic that may have emerged