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Introduction to Data Management Planning & DMPonline

29 January 2015 |

The Wesley is located at 81-103 Euston Street, London, NW1 2EZ

Funding bodies increasingly require evidence of appropriate provisions for data management and curation in new grant funding applications. This half-day workshop provides an introduction to Data Management Planning and DMPonline, the DCC's web-based tool to help researchers write DMPs. We've recently released a new version of DMPonline which offers a lot of flexibility in terms of how institutions can customise it. You can create your own template(s), provide example/suggested answers and add tailored guidance to help researchers respond to requirements. We will demo DMPonline, profile the options available for customising the tool and undertake a practical exercise on data management planning.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • understand funders' requirements for data management and sharing
  • understand what a data management plan is and how to go about completing one  
  • be aware of DMPonline and how the tool can be customised by institutions


From 12:30

Lunch & registration




Introduction to data management planning and sharing

[pptx version]

- What is a DMP?

- What do funders require?

- What should be considered?

Joy Davidson


Introduction to DMPonline and demo

[pptx version]

- Background to the tool

- How does the tool work

- Useful links and resources

Marta Ribeiro


Exercise: comparing Data Management Plans

- What should be covered in a DMP?

- What is a useful response?

- How can unis support researchers?



How to customise DMPonline for your institution

[pptx version]

- What features are available?

- What have other unis done?

- What’s coming next?

Sarah Jones


Wrap up & close



Feedback summary 

Costs and Registration

The cost of this half-day workshop is £65 which includes lunch and refreshments.

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