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This is retained as a resource but nothing new has been added since late 2009. No further additions will be made by the DCC.

DCC DIFFUSE Standards Frameworks

The DCC DIFFUSE Standards Frameworks were developed in partnership with a number of organisations with the aim of presenting searchable frameworks of standards relevant to digital curation and preservation.

Although no further work on DIFFUSE is planned, frameworks that were created remain an accessible and relevant resource. These include frameworks developed from existing publications or specifications as well as those developed specifically for the DIFFUSE project

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The following are three different ways of viewing the standards, with different results. Choose based on your requirement for archive, repository or electronic records management standards.

Digital Archive Standards

Standards recommended for digital archives by the Society of Archivists Data Standards Group. This database is still developing and more standards will be added over the next few weeks.

Digital Repository Standards

Standards identified as useful for Digital Repositories by the Driver Project, when preparing their report:Investigative Study of Standards for Digitial Repositories and Related Services, (2008) by Muriel Foulonneua and Francis André.

Electronic Records Management Standards

A framework of standards developed by Serco Consulting for the electronic records management standard: Model Requirements for the Management of Electronic Records, MoReq2 Specification (2008).