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Tagged Image File Format


TIFF is designed to describe and store raster image data produced by digital cameras, scanners, frame grabbers and photographic manipulation software, with the aim of efficient image data exchange in a rich environment, which takes account of differentials in hardware capability. TIFF is designed to be backwards compatible.

TIFF Revision 6.0, defines a tag-based file descriptor that can characterise almost any form of 2D raster data using either ASCII or binary (byte, short, long or rational) coding. Private tags and enumerated values can be used, on application to the Adobe TIFF Administrator, to allow additional parameters to be added to the descriptor.

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Further Information

Adobe Pagemaker 6.0, TIFF Technical Notes [external PDF]
TIFF Specification Supplement 1 - enhancements for Adobe Pagemaker 6.0 Software
Adobe Photoshop TIFF Technical Notes [external PDF]
TIFF Specification Supplement 2 - Enhancements for Adobe Photoshop software

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Previous Versions

30 April 1987 - (Tag Image File Format Rev 4.0) [external]
No longer available from the Adobe website, but available at the above url for the time being.
8 August 1988 - (TIFF Revision 5.0) [external]
No longer available from the Adobe website, but available at the above url for the time being.

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