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Workflow Management Coalition, Terminology and Glossary

Date added 1 October 2008
Last edited 17 November 2009

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WFMC-TC-1011, Workflow Management Coalition Terminology and Glossary


The Workflow Management Coalition, Terminology and Glossary defines the preferred technical terms used to describe the concepts, structure, functional components and interfaces of a workflow management system, throughout the publications from the Workflow Management Coalition. It is a companion document to the Workflow Reference Model.

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Current Version

1999 - WFMC-TC-1011, Issue 3: Workflow Management Coalition, Terminology and Glossary [external]
Access to the documentation requires registration with the Workflow Management Coalition, but an open access copy is available from:

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Previous Versions

1994 - WFMC-TC-1011, Issue 1: Workflow Management Coalition, Terminology and Glossary

Referenced Standards

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