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ISO 20652: Space Data and Information Transfer Systems - Producer-Archive Interface - Methodology Abstract Standard


PAIMAS identifies and provides a structure for the interactions which take place between an information producer and a deposit archive. The standard covers the first stages of the ingest process defined by OAIS (ISO 14721). It identifies the phases required for transferring information, and defines objectives, actions and expected results for each phase. It provides a methodological framework for achieving the phases and forms the basis for identifying and developing standards and technologies to support their delivery.

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Producer-Archive Interface Methodology Abstract Standard
PowerPoint presentation introducing the PAIMAS Standard.

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Referenced Standards

Data Entity Dictionary Specification Language (DEDSL) - PVL Syntax (CCSD0012)
Data Entity Dictionary Specification Language (DEDSL) - XML/DTD Syntax (CCSD0013)
OAIS (ISO 14721)
The Data Description Language EAST Specification (CCSD0010)
Unified Modeling Language. Version 1.1