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ISO 14721: Space Data and Information Transfer Systems - Open Archival Information System - Reference Model


The OAIS Reference Model defines the processes required for effective long-term preservation and access to information objects, while establishing a common language to describe these. It does not specify an implementation, but provides the framework to make a successful implementation possible, through describing the basic functionality required for a preservation archive. OAIS identifies mandatory responsibilities and interactions of producers, consumers and managers of both paper and digital records. It provides a standardised method to describe repository functionality by providing detailed models of archival information and archival functions.

Using the OAIS Reference Model, as a template for information preservation, demonstrates a long-term commitment to ensuring that relevant workflows and architectures are in place for information to remain available to those who need to use it (the Designated Community).

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January 2002 - Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS) [external PDF]
This CSSDS Blue Book contains the same text as ISO 14721: 2003 and is freely available.

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Referenced Standards

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