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ISO 5964: Multilingual Thesauri

Date added 4 June 2007
Last edited 10 November 2009

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ISO 5964, Documentation - Guidelines for the Establishment and Development of Multilingual Thesauri


ISO 5964 extends the scope of ISO 2788 to cover particular considerations for multilingual thesauri development for the establishment of consistent indexing practice within an organisation or consortium. Like ISO 2788, the standard assumes that indexing is being done by humans using normal language, and is based on the concept of preferred terms or indexing terms and non-preferred terms or synonyms.

The standard covers general problems, language problems and management decisions required when establishing a multilingual thesaurus. It considers the issues of vocabulary control, establishing equivalent terms across different languages, relationship between terms, display of terms and relationships, form and contents and organisation of work.

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ISO 2788: Monolingual Thesauri