data citation

The International Journal of Digital Curation (IJDC) is changing the way it handles submissions whose findings rest on underlying data. While the journal has always been supportive of authors citing datasets, from January 2014 it will require authors to cite data thay have used. Furthermore, it will also require that where authors are responsible for the data used in their submission, the authors must

The workshop programme for IDCC14 has now been published and registration is open.
The workshops will take place on Monday 24 and Thursday 27 February and will be held in the conference hotel.
The programme covers a range of very interesting and relevant topics including

The DCC has released another guide in its 'How-to' range.
'How to cite datasets and link to publications' explains how researchers can create links between their publications and the underlying data, so that each can be found from the other. It also provides advice for repository managers and data archivists wishing to make their data holdings easier to cite.
You can download the PDF version or browse the guide online.

According to the JISC Managing Research Data blog..."As well as seeking to demonstrate ways in which research data management in UK Universities can be improved, the JISCMRD programme seeks to demonstrate the benefits of making research data as openly available as possible.