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Update: slides from the webinar are available online and a recording can be accessed by registering via GoToWebinar

Interest in DMPonline continues to grow. We receive around 150 new users each month and over 30 institutions are customising the tool.

Guardian Higher Education Network Blog post offering 'Seven rules of successful research data management in universities' 

We've reported before that a revision of the DCC Checklist for a Data Management Plan was taking place as part of wider work on DMPonline. Users wanted a much shorter, researcher-friendly set of core questions.

Marieke and I were in Northampton earlier this week to run a 3 hour training session for librarians.
We've been really impressed with the work to emerge from the Jisc MRD programme and elsewhere so pulled together various aspects of the different courses. The course slides and an accompanying handbook (inspired by the Leeds RoaDMaP project) are available on the new RDM for librarians webpage.

Data management planning is a topic of increasing importance to researchers, their host institutions and research funders alike. Increasing numbers of funders require plans as part of grant proposals; some are already assessing the quality of these plans as part of bid assessment; and some require further planning to be carried out for successful proposals and are discussing ways to monitor the execution of plans and compliance with funder requirements.

Registration for the Dundee roadshow is now open!
The event takes place on 5-6 December in the Library and Learning Centre, University of Dundee.
Further information, including a draft programme, is available on the event page.
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