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Please note that updated guidance on customising DMPonline is now available. (10 July 2014)
We've been developing some guidelines on how to customise DMPonline for your institution.
The first thing to do is determine what you need:

We received lots of feedback that we should shorten the DCC Checklist for a Data Management Plan and have managed to condense it to 13 questions and some basic administrative information. More detailed questions are used as pointers to help researchers decide how to respond and we've enhanced the guidance.
Here are the questions:

Marieke and I were in Northampton earlier this week to run a 3 hour training session for librarians.
We've been really impressed with the work to emerge from the Jisc MRD programme and elsewhere so pulled together various aspects of the different courses. The course slides and an accompanying handbook (inspired by the Leeds RoaDMaP project) are available on the new RDM for librarians webpage.

UK universities are increasingly developing strategies for research data management.

The DCC has released another guide in its 'How-to' range.
'How to cite datasets and link to publications' explains how researchers can create links between their publications and the underlying data, so that each can be found from the other. It also provides advice for repository managers and data archivists wishing to make their data holdings easier to cite.
You can download the PDF version or browse the guide online.

The next Research Data Management Forum, the seventh in the series, is set to tackle the challenging theme of how best to incentivise researchers so that they will be motivated to manage and share their data.

The DCC has released another guide in its 'How-to' range.

'How to develop a data management and sharing plan' outlines UK funder requirements and provides practical guidance on the planning process. It should be of relevance to researchers and those supporting them within higher education.

You can download the PDF version or browse the guide online.

The Wellcome Trust and other UK funders of public health research have issued a joint statement on sharing research data to improve public health.

After two years of research, the European project PARSE.Insight held its final symposium on 25th June 2010 to present results and recommendations for the science data infrastructure in Europe.

This is a reminder that the closing date is fast approaching for submission of full papers, posters and demos for the conference (details below). The deadline is 25 July 2008. We invite submissions from individuals, organisations and institutions across all disciplines and domains engaged in the creation, use and management of digital data, especially those involved in the challenges of curating and preserving data in eScience and eResearch.