DCC Glasgow on the move

Sarah Jones | 01 September 2017
After 13 years in HATII, DCC Glasgow is moving on to new digs in the University library. The boxes are packed and waiting under the watchful eye of Marlene, the Swiss Cheese plant from former AHDS Performing Arts days.
We’ll be part of Martina McChrystal’s team alongside Valerie McCutcheon’s Research Management group, the College Librarians and Acquisitions & Access. We’re really excited to be working more closely with the RDM and digital preservation teams, and look forward to exploring new collaborations across subject areas via the library’s central role.
We’re moving into the library at a time of change as library and IT have recently merged into Information Services. It’s all change at HATII too, with a formal relaunch as Information Studies planned for 7th September.
We’ll update postal and phone contact details next week, but when you’re next at the University Library, come by and say hi.
Front page image: University Library CC-BY-SA by Open Glasgow