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Supporting and reviewing Data Management Plans

We've been doing a lot of work recently to help institutions customise DMPonline. We ran webinars in March and April to explain what options are available and have been trialling the admin interface with a small group of users since. We're pleased to announce that his has now gone live and is ready for you to use.
The admin interface allows organisations to:

Please note that updated guidance on customising DMPonline is now available. (10 July 2014)
We've been developing some guidelines on how to customise DMPonline for your institution.
The first thing to do is determine what you need:

We received lots of feedback that we should shorten the DCC Checklist for a Data Management Plan and have managed to condense it to 13 questions and some basic administrative information. More detailed questions are used as pointers to help researchers decide how to respond and we've enhanced the guidance.
Here are the questions:

The DCC is pleased to release a case study on the improvement of Research Data Management at Monash University. We're very grateful to Sam Searle, Anthony Beitz, Wilna Macmillan and Andrew Harrison for their input to this.
The case study accompanies our forthcoming How to guide on developing RDM infrastructure and services. It acts as an example of how one institution has addressed the various activities and components that need to be delivered.

The DCC has released another guide in its 'How-to' range.

'How to develop a data management and sharing plan' outlines UK funder requirements and provides practical guidance on the planning process. It should be of relevance to researchers and those supporting them within higher education.

You can download the PDF version or browse the guide online.

The ESRC has released a new research data policy which draws on the OECD principles to promote open access to publicly-funded research data.
The policy is accompanied by detailed implementation guidance and outlines the specific responsibilities assigned to grant applicants, grantholders, the ESRC, and the data service providers it funds.