DMPonline roadmap

Sarah Jones | 23 March 2015

Interest in DMPonline continues to grow. We receive around 150 new users each month and over 30 institutions are customising the tool. Over the last few months we’ve been taking stock to prioritise work and are pleased to release a roadmap for development in 2015.

There are a number of areas of ongoing activity:

  • Usability improvements e.g. to improve layout and presentation of guidance
  • Lifecycle and review to identify the status of plans and enable a review process
  • API for systems integration and enhanced use of DMP content
  • Institutional enhancements e.g. branding and additional customisation options
  • Locale-aware support to present different options based on the user’s country or language etc
  • Active maintenance including general updates, bug fixes and improved documentation

We are planning a two-monthly release cycle. Each release will include a mixture of tasks with the aim of balancing progress across these themes. Releases will include some new features, together with enhancements of existing functionality and ongoing maintenance.

The full DMPonline roadmap for 2015 is available to download.

If you have comments or queries, please drop us a line. We have recently setup a user group to enable the community to share ideas and help direct our work. If you would like to get involved, please join the DMPonline user group listserv or send comments to