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The EPSRC Policy Framework on Research Data states that project specific data management policies and plans should exist for all data.
Unlike other RCUK funders, the EPSRC does not expect DMPs to be submitted as part of grant applications, but it expects they will nonetheless be in place as part of good research practice.

We've been doing a lot of work recently to help institutions customise DMPonline. We ran webinars in March and April to explain what options are available and have been trialling the admin interface with a small group of users since. We're pleased to announce that his has now gone live and is ready for you to use.
The admin interface allows organisations to:

The DCC is currently recruiting a systems developer to be based at the University of Glasgow. The post-holder will work on a number of application developments relating to research data management and curation within HATII’s portfolio of research projects.
The DCC delivers a number of online tools and services, including the Jisc Research Data Registry and Discovery Service and DMPonline. We also participate in several EC-funded projects such as 4C (Collaboration to Clarify the Costs of Curation), so work will be varied in scope.

There were lots of DCC presentations in the parallel sessions at IDCC today. To help you keep up with what’s new at DCC, here’s a quick summary.
Evaluating DMPonline

We're pleased to announce that the DCC has just launched a new and improved version of DMPonline, our web-based tool for creating Data Management Plans.
This new release marks a major progression in terms of usability. The evaluation showed that users had difficulties creating a mental model of how the tool worked. We’ve simplified the concepts behind the tool and responded to requests to shorten the DCC Checklist and ask funder questions directly.

Please note that updated guidance on customising DMPonline is now available. (10 July 2014)
We've been developing some guidelines on how to customise DMPonline for your institution.
The first thing to do is determine what you need:

We received lots of feedback that we should shorten the DCC Checklist for a Data Management Plan and have managed to condense it to 13 questions and some basic administrative information. More detailed questions are used as pointers to help researchers decide how to respond and we've enhanced the guidance.
Here are the questions:

Data management planning is a topic of increasing importance to researchers, their host institutions and research funders alike. Increasing numbers of funders require plans as part of grant proposals; some are already assessing the quality of these plans as part of bid assessment; and some require further planning to be carried out for successful proposals and are discussing ways to monitor the execution of plans and compliance with funder requirements.

The Digital Curation Centre is pleased to announce the launch of DMPonline v3.0
This new release marks a major progression in the software’s functionality. For the first time users can create data management plans incorporating multiple templates, so if your institution, your funder and your publisher all require data management plans, you can now create a single plan to satisfy them all.

JISC has recently released a call for institutions to submit proposals for projects under three separate strands of the Managing Research Data Programme (02) 2011-13. Total funding of approximately £4,600,000 will be available.  See JISC's website for further information on the funding strands and relevant deadlines.