Over the past decade, data-intensive research and Open Science have become the norm.

It’s been a while (16 months in fact!) since the DCC held an RDMF, and we’ve had a few requests from the community to provide a space for discussing challenges and sharing lessons on providing research data support. Hot on the heels of a trial at IDCC in Melbourne, we’re going to bring back the RDMF in an unconference format.

The DPC and DCC are pleased to announce the release of Issue 36 of our joint newsletter What's New. In this month's issue:

The DPC and DCC are pleased to announce the release of Issue 35 of our joint newsletter What's New.
In this month's issue:

DCC and DPC are delighted to announce the release of Issue 30 of What's New. In this issue you'll find:

What's New and What's On for October
Graham Pryor (DCC): Preservation Progress through Harmony
Shane Start (British Library): 60 Second Interview
William Kilbride (DPC): Review of iPres 2010

Programmes for the 3-day DCC roadshow have now been released, so take a look at the event page and see which day is relevant to you.

Day 1 is gives a general overview to the research data landscape.

Day 2 is targeted at senior managers who want to develop an institutional response to the data management challenge.