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Fair-Impact: implementing the FAIR principles in EOSC

Kevin Ashley | 15 February 2022

The DCC has received the welcome news that funding has been confirmed for the FAIR-IMPACT project, one of a number of actions supported by the European Commission to support FAIR research practice within EOSC. FAIR-IMPACT's focus is on identifying proven methods for making digital research objects more FAIR that have the potential for cross-domain adoption and demonstrating their use and their value. The proposal summarised its objectives by saying:

"The overall objective of FAIR-IMPACT is to realise a FAIR EOSC, that is an EOSC of FAIR data and services, by supporting the implementation of FAIR-enabling practices across scientific communities and research outputs at a European, national, and international level."

The project includes partners with existing use cases and plans to extend their number through open calls and other mechanisms during the project's 3-year lifetime. The DCC is leading one of 7 work packages in the project, focussed on engagement, adoption and implementation. There are 28 partners overall in 12 countries, and we'll be building on the work carried out in Fair's Fair and related projects. You'll be hearing more from us about FAIR-IMPACT once the project starts in May 2022. Until then you can read more in the article on the DANS web site.