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FAIR-IMPACT’s virtual clinic for potential applicants to the second open call for financial support

Al Wood | 06 March 2024

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Are you thinking about submitting an application to join one of the five FAIR-Impact support actions? If so, please drop in for our informal virtual clinic on 12th March from 16:00-17:00 CET where you can ask the FAIR-IMPACT team any questions you have about the support actions, eligibility, and the application process.


The deadline for applications to FAIR-IMPACT's second open call for financial support is 31st March 2023. The support actions we are offering in this open call include the points listed in the table below:

Support action Who should apply? Financial support provided
Assessing and improving existing research software using a new extension of F-UJI (learn more and apply) The main aim of this support action is to improve the FAIRness of existing research software. This action is suitable for research groups that develop software that is to be shared and used by other research groups.  4000 euros
Implementing the Research Software MetaData (RSMD) guidelines for better archiving, referencing, description and citation of research software (learn more and apply) Applicants to this support action will propose ways to implement the RSMD guidelines in a practical sense to ensure the creation of FAIR research software. Applicants should be involved in creating and/or supporting the creation of research software.  6000 euros
Creating EOSC compliant Persistent Identifier (PID) policies (learn more and apply) Participants in this support action will carry out self-assessments with regard to their readiness to implement PID policies using a beta version of the FAIRCORE4EOSC Compliance Assessment Toolkit service. This action is suitable for PID service providers, PID managers, and data repository providers. 10000 euros
Recommendations for trustworthy and FAIR-enabling data repositories (learn more and apply) Participants will have the opportunity to evaluate and apply FAIR-IMPACT's guidelines to improve the transparency and trustworthiness of data repositories. This support action is suitable for data repository providers and other data service providers such as registries. 4000 euros
Improving the availability and machine readability of data policies with FAIRsharing (learn more and apply) Participants will coordinate the registration of data policies from stakeholders in their country/region/domain with the FAIRsharing registry and consider how we can leverage this shared pool of information for ongoing policy monitoring activities. This action is suitable for those with a formal or informal role in their country such as EOSC Mandated Organisations or Research Infrastructures representing a particular domain. 4000 euros

Webinar Agenda
16:00 Welcome and overview of the support actions
16:10 Q&A session
16:55 Wrap-up and reminder of key dates

Registration is free but mandatory.