IJDC's new policy on data

Alex Ball | 19 December 2013

The International Journal of Digital Curation (IJDC) is changing the way it handles submissions whose findings rest on underlying data. While the journal has always been supportive of authors citing datasets, from January 2014 it will require authors to cite data thay have used. Furthermore, it will also require that where authors are responsible for the data used in their submission, the authors must

  • deposit that data in an custodial environment that will keep it accessible and usable for an appropriate time period;
  • provide a permanent and resolvable indentifer for the data;
  • make the data as openly accessible as possible.

This change was heralded by Kevin Ashley in his editorial for Volume 8, Issue 1. There, he explained that the DCC has long advocated sharing data and treating it as a first class research output. (For example, we provide guidance on citing and licensing datasets, and as part of the PREPARDE project investigated how to operate a peer-reviewed data journal.) We now feel the time is right to put our principles into practice with the IJDC. We hope that this will not only encourage our authors – many of whom are also data sharing advocates – in doing likewise, but also ensure that the research we publish is understandable, verifiable and as easy to reuse and build upon as possible while giving authors all due credit.