International Journal of Digital Curation, Volume 7, Issue 2

Alex Ball | 07 December 2012

The International Journal of Digital Curation, Volume 7, Issue 2 is now available. It contains a selection of papers and articles drawn from the 2011 International Digital Curation Conference, plus two new papers.

The issue covers a full range of topics in the area of research data management (RDM). On the technical side, there are two articles describing how RDM systems were designed and implemented, each responding to a different set of requirements. On the human side, there is an article on providing researchers with the RDM skills they need, and another comparing two tools for writing data management plans: DMPTool and the DCC's own DMPonline. There is also an overview of the Keeping Research Data Safe (KRDS) Benefit Analysis Toolkit, which should prove useful to anyone justifying investment in RDM.

When data are open, they can be both scrutinised and reused more easily. Two of this issue's articles explore some of the practicalities: one describes a pilot post-release peer-review system, while the other considers how automated scientific workflows may best be shared and promoted.

Moving beyond RDM, the other aspects of digital curation are not neglected. Two papers explore how formats, tools and methods from the world of digital forensics can be applied to archival storage on the one hand, and ingesting personal digital archives in the other. Finally, on the theme of rescuing legacy data, there is a report on an effort to save some early interactive CD-ROM titles.

All papers and articles in the journal are open access, so do visit the IJDC Website and have a read!