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New DCC paper on Open and FAIR

Sarah Jones | 18 June 2019

A few weeks ago, a new paper was published that I co-authored with Rosie Higman from the University of Manchester and Daniel Bangert from the University of Göttingen. It untangles the overlaps between FAIR, Open and RDM, providing insights on how each can be used for advocacy and improving good research practice.

It has been fantastic to see how quickly the paper has been picked up. Already several hundred views and downloads in less than a month and many grateful comments on Twitter. It seems we struck a chord.

I have been thinking about how Open and FAIR intersect with RDM for a while now and gave a paper at the Open Science Conference in Berlin in these topics in 2017. See slides online. Understandably, Open and FAIR are attractive prospects and gain significant traction with funders and the research community. To some extent they overshadow Research Data Management, but without a solid foundation of well managed content, data can’t be made usefully Open or FAIR.

I’m hugely grateful to Rosie and Daniel for encouraging me to co-author and having infinite amounts of patience and good humour when I repeatedly turned up to monthly telecons empty handed. The thoughts are there in my head, but carving out time to write is a challenge and usually comes last in my list of priorities. Seeing the responses makes that effort worthwhile. I also love the fact that UKSG Insights makes all the diagrams downloadable under a CC-BY licence.

Hope you find the article useful.

Higman, R., Bangert, D. and Jones, S., 2019. Three camps, one destination: the intersections of research data management, FAIR and Open.