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New DMP templates

Sarah Jones | 15 August 2017

There are some new DMP templates in DMPonline for you to look out for. These reflect the new guidelines issued by the European Research Council (ERC) and the Wellcome Trust.

The ERC has issued a Data Management Plan Template. This builds on the European Commission Horizon 2020 guidelines, taking the FAIR data principles as its base. The template is a shorter set of questions, requiring researchers to provide a summary of their data, how this will be FAIR, and the resources required. Like the H2020 approach, several datasets may be included into a single DMP.

See also the ERC Guidelines on the Implementation of Open Access to Scientific Publications and Research Data.

The Wellcome Trust has released a completely new policy on data, software and materials management and sharing. This continues to push an open agenda, but places more emphasis on the range of outputs that should be managed and shared. The main difference in terms of DMPs is that the Trust now asks for an ‘Outputs Management Plan’ to be submitted at the research proposal stage. This needs to explain the planned approach for managing and sharing datasets, software and other research materials such as antibodies, cell lines and reagents. See the Trust’s guidelines for Developing an Outputs Management Plan.

The new Wellcome Trust template is quite different to the old one, so any institutions that have customised this in DMPonline will need to take more care when updating their content. You’ll now notice there is a process to transfer customisations to new versions of funder templates. This will copy them over for checking before republishing. Guidelines are available on the wiki, and you can drop us a line with any queries.

There are a number of new features in DMPonline since we migrated to the pre-release of the Roadmap code last month. This includes much improved performance, ORCID authentication, on/off switches to control guidance selections, improved admin controls and much more. See further details in a recent update presentation.

Image credit: Template CC-BY by Rebecca Siegel