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Money makes the world go around! Research funding drives what we investigate and how research is conducted.

A few weeks ago, a new paper was published that I co-authored with Rosie Higman from the University of Manchester and Daniel Bangert from the University of Göttingen. It untangles the overlaps between FAIR, Open and RDM, providing insights on how each can be used for advocacy and improving good research practice.
It has been fantastic to see how quickly the paper has been picked up. Already several hundred views and downloads in less than a month and many grateful comments on Twitter. It seems we struck a chord.

It will be a busy Open Access week as usual with DCC colleagues involved in a number of events. As you’d expect, we’ll be presenting and answering questions on Research Data Management, Open Data, FAIR and DMPs.
Below is a list of the main events where you can catch up with us:

The IDCC conference is goin

If you’re supporting researchers to manage and share their data, there are a few useful workshops coming up in early 2017 that may be of interest.

The DCC is involved in a few European Commission funded projects at the moment, namely FOSTER, OpenAIRE and EUDAT. On each we're providing training and support about open data, data management planning and Horizon 2020.

The University of Strathclyde is currently advertising for a Research Data Support Officer. Based in Research and Knowledge Exchange Services,the position will be part of the Research Data Management and Sharing project team.
The Research Data Support Officer post offers an exciting opportunity to be part of a cross-functional team working with researchers and support functions to develop guidance, training, support, systems and processes for research data practice that meet researchers’ needs.

The University of Edinburgh seeks to appoint a Research Data Management Service Coordinator to spearhead the development of a compelling user-shaped RDM service for the University of Edinburgh academic community.
The University is at the forefront of the evolving research data management domain, and this post will help build a sustainable service to ensure that researchers are able to store and manage their data in a seamless and secure fashion, enabling them to easily manage, manipulate, share and preserve their data either at Edinburgh or in a trusted repository elsewhere.

Guardian Higher Education Network Blog post offering 'Seven rules of successful research data management in universities' 

The DCC is collaborating with a number of Jisc MRD projects to run a workshop on developing RDM training materials for research support staff.
The event will take place at the University of East London on 16th July.