Money makes the world go around! Research funding drives what we investigate and how research is conducted.

Over the past decade, data-intensive research and Open Science have become the norm.

It’s been a while (16 months in fact!) since the DCC held an RDMF, and we’ve had a few requests from the community to provide a space for discussing challenges and sharing lessons on providing research data support. Hot on the heels of a trial at IDCC in Melbourne, we’re going to bring back the RDMF in an unconference format.

In late 2013 we ran a short survey, seeking the views of the RDMF community on the future shape of this series of events. This blog gives an overview of the outcomes of this exercise.
The three-point summary:

We’re seeking your thoughts on our long-running Research Data Management Forum series of events.

The next Research Data Management Forum, the seventh in the series, is set to tackle the challenging theme of how best to incentivise researchers so that they will be motivated to manage and share their data.