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SPARC Europe and Open Data resources

Sarah Jones | 23 March 2017
The DCC is delighted to announce the first two outputs from our collaboration with SPARC Europe. We began working together in Autumn 2016, with SPARC Europe commissioning a number of publications and resources to support its members with the open data movement. 
The first output produced was a briefing paper on the Open Data Citation Advantage. This investigates the existing evidence for a citation impact and notes a significant correlation between article citations and access to underlying data. The evidence is discipline-specific and many of the studies to date have concentrated on domains with some degree of investment in infrastructure or community norms that promote reuse. Nonetheless, data sharing evidently pays off as a citation boost has been evident in every discipline examined so far.
More recently we have co-authored a snapshot of national Open Data policy across Europe. This list will be developed further into an analysis of the existing policy landscape, highlighting differences and similarities and, where possible, providing an assessment of impact. The DCC maintains a watching brief on funder policy and is pleased to extend the coverage to make it more comprehensive at European level and to cover open research practice more generally. 
We’re particularly keen to get your input on the existing open data / science policies identified. Please let us know if we have missed any, offer corrections, or provide us with further useful context to inform Europe’s open science and data policy makers. This will help with the analysis stage. Please get in touch via 
We’ve also provided some contacts for SPARC Europe’s open data champions programme. If you’re an advocate or know somebody whose story should be shared, please let them know. Further briefings on the value of open data in various contexts, and policy case studies are coming in future months. Stay tuned for more!
Image: Open data CC-BY by Descrier