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We have lift off - DMPRoadmap launches!

Sarah Jones | 12 March 2018
We’re delighted to announce that the DMPTool and DMPonline sites are both now running from the new joint DMPRoadmap codebase. We pushed the MVP out to test last month and have now migrated our production services.
Image:  'Fireworks' CC-BY-ND by bbtburnham
There are lots of exciting new features, including:
  • A usage dashboard lets organisational administrators generate statistics for the number of users and plans for given date ranges. Admins can also download a csv to manipulate raw usage data for their organisation further.
  • Organisational administrators can see all the plans for their institution and download metadata on these.
  • Users can request feedback on DMPs if affiliated with an organisation that opts to enable this feature. Administrators are alerted to requests and can make comments alongside each question.
  • Users can turn guidance on/off at any stage, and display guidance from multiple institutions at once.
  • Users can set language preferences, configure email notification settings and link their account with their ORCID ID on their profile.
  • UK users benefit from plan visibility settings, public DMPs and public templates as features from the DMPTool.
  • US users benefit from the ability to customise funder templates (add sections and guidance or example answers) and themed guidance to map one set of institutional guidance across all templates.
The site will undergo a second round of accessibility testing soon and we’ve done a number of performance and usability improvements as part of bringing together our two codebases. We have also implemented the revised set of DMP themes agreed with community input last year. For UK users this means legacy guidance for removed themes has been merged and will need editing. See more information in this news item.
We gave a demo of the new system at the IDCC conference in Barcelona last month, and also gave a paper on a landscape analysis of ActiveDMPs, charting all the work that is going on in this area internationally. This information is available on a new website to serve as a central hub of machine-actionable DMP work. We invite everyone to update the site with links to any requirements you collect, or details of new tools emerging in this area. And don’t forget to join the sessions at the next RDA plenary where the DMP Common Standards WG will be comparing data models for the different DMP tools and the Exposing DMPs WG will be defining which elements of DMPs need to be shared to which actors. We also have a paper forthcoming that touches on work in these areas: the pre-print of 10 Simple Rules for machine-actionable DMPs is out now in Zenodo.
There are a huge number of users of DMPRoadmap codebase. In addition to the core DMPonline and DMPTool services, there are many other instances internationally, some hosted by the DCC, but the majority are run by external groups. We estimate 50k+ users, 400+ participating institutions internationally and a growing list of funder contacts across the globe. We encourage those hosting their own instances to migrate from the former DMPonline v4 code to DMPRoadmap, and to continue to contribute back to the joint development effort like the Portage consortium in Canada and DMP OPIDoR in France have done. Migration guidelines are available to help dev teams make the switch and we have a Slack channel for external contributors. If you aren't already a member, join here.
As always we welcome your feedback and look forward to continuing to improve the DMP experience for everyone involved in the research enterprise.