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Webinar: DMPonline - new directions

Sarah Jones | 16 October 2018

Update: slides from the webinar are available online and a recording can be accessed by registering via GoToWebinar

As part of Open Access week, the DCC will be giving a webinar on recent developments in DMPonline. To join please register via GoToMeeting. Preference will be given to the UK community if the webinar is oversubscribed.

In Spring we launched the new DMPRoadmap platform with our colleagues at the California Digital Library. This was a major upgrade to the codebase and incorporated a redesign of the front end and underlying data model. Performance improvements and a number of new features were also added.

We have continued to add more features over Summer and Autumn, particularly for administrative users and will demo these, for example:

  • Plan review support to offer DMP consultations and be alerted to user requests
  • Read-only administrator access to the full text of DMPs for your organisation
  • A usage dashboard & data download to track users and plan numbers over time
  • Improved workflows on template editing and customisation of funder templates
  • Plan visibility settings so users can share plans within the institution or publicly
  • Ability to turn guidance on/off when editing and select multiple organisations
  • Simplified ‘create plan’ wizard with more prominent institutional visibility
  • Notification settings to determine if/when you want alerts

The webinar will also cover the new subscription model and some of the most Frequently Asked Questions emerging about the contract and service delivery. you can read more about these changes in Kevin's announcement.

Please join us at 12 noon BST on 26th! Register here.

Image credit: CC-BY-NC-ND by Kengo