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Archiving Web Resources

Dave Thompson, Wellcome Library

Published: December 2008

The World Wide Web is among the most important information resources, and is certainly the most voluminous. In a relatively short time, it has become a vital medium for a range of academic and commercial publishers.

However, until recently, little effort has been directed towards ensuring the long term preservation of the digital assets that reside on-line. The web's dynamic nature makes it prone to frequent changes, and without a means for capture and preservation it's likely that vast quantities of content will be lost forever.

Since the web is home to a vast range of materials with widely varying characteristics in terms of formats, scale and behaviour there are inevitable issues that must be overcome to facilitate their collection, management and preservation.

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Key Points

  • Automation of harvesting
  • Deposit approach
  • Selection, negotiation and capture
  • Issues associated with the "deep" web
  • Existing initiatives/products (e.g. Internet Archive, NWA, PANDAS)
  • Legal implications
  • Collaboration and responsibility
  • Non-standard media types